ReliaCloud Edge IaaS Platform

ReliaCloud® Edge is a hosted and managed private cloud with public cloud convenience, perfect for any organization looking for a better hybrid cloud experience that maximizes the best features of on-premises, private hosted and public clouds with a SaaS experience.


As IT architecture designs have moved toward leveraging multiple cloud platforms, IT teams are reaping the benefits. The drivers include service economics, consumption models, available features, performance, security and compliance, and the extreme complexity of today’s IT service landscape. While no one cloud platform avoids all risks, has the best economics, or can provide a solution to every IT challenge, hybrid cloud has emerged as the optimal solution. 

ReliaCloud Edge is helping our customers embrace a hybrid cloud strategy, while making private cloud consumption as easy as hyperscale public cloud. This is possible as ReliaCloud Edge is consumed in discrete blocks of complete infrastructure (aka nodes) that contain the CPU, memory, necessary storage and licensing.  It’s these nodes that construct the clusters which provide the necessary resilience and scalability. Clusters can scale up and down to the 3-node minimum to meet your business needs. 

A Highly-Architected Private Cloud Solution

With ReliaCloud Edge, you get a managed cluster solution in an easy-to-consume package that includes these cloud services:

  • Dedicated private cloud cluster leveraging Nutanix AOS hyper-converged software.
  • Hosted within a OneNeck data center.
  • Your choice of Hypervisor Nutanix AHV or VMware ESXi (additional cost).
  • OneNeck managed cluster and hypervisor.
  • Rich user interface and management console.
  • Multiple node performance profiles.
  • Clusters start at 3 nodes, grows incrementally by one.
  • Data encryption at rest for all environments.
  • Rich software feature suite, including asyncrynous replication for DR strategies.
  • 100% SLA for cluster availability.

ReliaCloud Edge Offers Choice

Choice of Location

ReliaCloud is in 5 top-tier, geographically dispersed US data centers, with significant expansion coming in 2023.

Choice of Hypervisor

ReliaCloud offers Nutanix™ Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) and VMware ESXi as fully supported feature-rich hypervisor solutions.

Choice of Storage Tiers

Gain the economics of hybrid disk nodes or the performance power of all Flash nodes. Optimize your cluster(s) with offloading data to our Elastic Files or Elastic Objects offerings. Or build clusters for files, objects, or virtual desktops with high performance GPUs.

Choice of Deployment

Deploy your workloads into your ReliaCloud private cloud, or extend your reach with Nutanix Calm into hyperscale clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP).

Choice of Term

Enjoy flexibility in payment terms and pay up to 60 months.

Transparency in Operation

We don’t take away your control – our tools are your tools. While ReliaCloud EDGE is a managed platform, we provide a safe and secure environment that offers co-administration. You’ll see all the features and functionality that comes with the Nutanix hyperconverged software set, and you and your team retain visibility down to the hardware level.

Our customers can have the confidence that we’ll keep their environment running, performing and secure, while the workloads (VMs, applications, virtual appliances, and databases) can be optionally managed by OneNeck or self-managed.


Management Options

With ReliaCloud Edge, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you desire. We’re here to ensure you get the cloud that fits your requirements.

Choose your journey from a catalog of options:

  • Fully-managed ReliaCloud: Unlike most clouds, ReliaCloud Edge is not just IaaS or metal, the cluster is managed through the hypervisor. You can selectively choose to add workload management such as operating systems, databases, applications, etc. offloading to us while you focus on more strategic initiatives.  We realize requirements vary by organization, so we give you the flexibility to choose what management you want. Almost anything above the cluster can be managed optionally.
  • Cloud To-go: In addition to the managed options, we can also design and sell you your own customized cloud solution, with or without managed services at all layers.

Ultimately, we’re here to help you get the most from your cloud investment and meet your specific requirements, ensuring your workloads are on the best-fit cloud.


Single Management Console

ReliaCloud Edge delivers a single management console that combines the management and visibility of the Nutanix Acropolis Operating System™ (AOS) enterprise storage platform with the workload insights, performance analytics, and capacity predictability of Acropolis Hypervisor™ (AHV). (Note: Clusters leveraging ESXi can choose to manage the cluster with Nutanix™ Prism or take advantage of the familiarity of VMware’s vCenter server interface.)

Nutanix Prism is a beautiful, feature rich and intuitive platform providing cluster and workload management.


Interested in a demo? Contact us to set one up.


Nutanix™ Powered Cloud

As a leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software five times over, Nutanix web-scale architecture continues to lead data center modernization and hybrid multi-cloud solutions, while expanding the capabilities of ReliaCloud to better meet the needs of OneNeck customers.

As a core technology in ReliaCloud, the Nutanix software-defined platform includes a security-first, defense-at-every-level approach, supporting ReliaCloud as a highly secure private cloud solution backed by OneNeck’s 100% service level agreement (SLA) for availability. ReliaCloud was also the first hosted cloud practice to embrace Nutanix AOS, AHV and the Nutanix hosted VDI as core components of its service offering.

ReliaCloud powered by Nutanix is designed first and foremost around customer experience, cost effectiveness and expediency of service delivery, earning OneNeck the 2022 Global and Americas Service Provider of the year award.

Additionally, OneNeck was the first North American service provider to reach Champion status in the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program and currently is the first and only Nutanix Partner in the US that is dual recognized at Champion Status in both the Elevate Service Provider and Reseller Partner Programs.


Compliant and Secure

ReliaCloud powered by Nutanix begins with a robust software foundation built with a security-first mindset. Nutanix starts with AOS as a hardened software platform for HCI and then builds on that foundation with features and functions to increase your security posture.

ReliaCloud powered by Nutanix offers:

  • Secure development lifecycle
  • Platform hardening and automation
  • Network micro-segmentation
  • Identity and access management with RBAC controls
  • Included data protection with immutable snapshots
  • Data at rest encryption that meets or exceeds government regulatory compliance (such as FIPS 140-2)
  • TPM (trusted platform module) security modules in each node
  • Compliance, auditing and reporting
  • Annual attestations for:
    • HIPPA/HITECH Type 1
    • SSAE 18 Type 2 SOC 2
    • SSAE 18 Type 2 SOC 1
    • PCI-DSS v3.2 Type 1
    • US-EU Privacy Shield (Self-certification)
    • ISO/IEC ​27001:2013 (Type 1)​
  • Monitored by OneNeck SOC

Disaster Recovery

At OneNeck, we work with our clients to carefully assess their data infrastructure and requirements, and develop a right-fit data protection strategy to meet their needs. While we have numerous hyperscale cloud and on-prem backup and DR options, backup and DR in ReliaCloud is often a perfect fit.

ReliaCloud DRaaS allows you to confidently achieve SLAs with a cloud-based DR service with instant failover, failback or test recovery plans, all with just a few clicks.



Availability Driven

When the revenue of a business relies on being online and available, every minute can be catastrophic to the bottom line. Which is why we stand behind ReliaCloud’s availability promise.

Our industry leading, financially-backed service level agreement (SLA), provides you with an uptime availability guarantee of 100%. With ReliaCloud, we remove the number of 9s from the contract and make doing business simple – that’s our promise to you.

Economics of ReliaCloud

No more worrying about the t-shirt sizes and their associated waste, or the exorbitant fees for large performant workloads. With ReliaCloud, you get all the resources of the cluster to shape and size as you see fit. This capability also comes with the expert guidance of OneNeck experts that are more than happy to assist in the design and deployment of your applications.

  • No micro-transaction fees – it’s simple and predictable. No more worrying about additional fees for IOPS, puts, gets, API calls, list actions, storage actions, etc.
  • No need to transform the workload run cycles, the cluster is yours. Run it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the concerns, complexity and transformation process of managing power-on/power-off schedules.
  • Govern resource consumption sprawl with role-based access controls, quotas, alerts and monitoring, all right from within the cluster and in your control.
  • Leverage at scale economics provided to you from your Cloud service provider.
  • No need to overbuy your resources. Instead of buying capacity planned out for 3 to 5 years or more, purchase what you need as you need it, and reduce spend as you don’t.
  • No need to worry about the wrong node type with curated node alignment. Our solution architects can help you inventory, analyze and size your environment to ensure proper performance and cost optimization.
  • ReliaCloud Node Exchange let’s you take the stress out of outgrowing your nodes. We’ll swap your nodes to meet your new workload requirements.
  • Never run out of capacity with ReliaCloud reserved nodes. Reserved nodes provide an economic way to get nearly instant capacity and use that capacity for any period of time that meets your needs. When done, simply switch them back to the reserved status.

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