Cisco Unified Communications Assessment

Ensuring the health and well-being of your Cisco Unified Communications devices and underlying network infrastructure.

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Clear communications with customers, suppliers, coworkers, and other partners is the foundation of business today.

Unlike a generation ago when all you needed to run a business was a phone and a fax machine, today’s businesses are built on a foundation that includes multiple communications platforms: voice, video, mobile, email, social and everything in real time. Making sure your communications platform works efficiently is the essence of the Unified Communications (UC) Assessment service from OneNeck.

The health and performance of Cisco UC devices and the underlying network infrastructure are critical for IT organizations to meet their day-today service-level commitments. To help you meet these critical SLAs, OneNeck offers:

  • UC readiness network assessment – The UC readiness network assessment is an evaluation of your network foundation to ensure your extremely sensitive voice and video will perform alongside other network services.
  • UC optimization – The UC Optimization Assessment analyzes your existing UC deployment to improve its operation and/or prepare for new services.

Our UC assessment services are customized to meet your needs and can include some or all of the following:

  • Infrastructure assessment: Analyzes the capability of current network to support UC and to identify the infrastructure changes that may be required to achieve a successful implementation or to optimize an already installed solution.
  • End of Life (EOL)/End of Sale (EOS): Ensures that all EOL/EOS devices, as well as legacy systems, are documented and recommendations made for upgrades.
  • Conferencing: Ensures that you’re getting the most from your new or current conferencing investment, optimizing the cost and maximizing the business value from today’s converged web and room conferencing platforms.
  • Enterprise collaboration: Improve team interaction across channels by finding the right enterprise social and chat tools and integrating them into a complete enterprise collaboration platform.
  • IP telephony: Provides an unbiased, consultative examination of the readiness of your voice environment for the migration to an IP telephony solution, or the optimization of your current IP telephony solution.
  • Proper configuration: Reviews the consistency of configurations, such as call routing, running across your UC platform so that your UC solution runs optimally. n SRST: Ensures that Cisco Unified SRST provides the fallback support for the Cisco end points that are attached to your local network.
  • QoS: Identifies robust quality-of-service (QoS) policies to manage application service levels based on Cisco best practices. Checks to ensure the underlying network infrastructure provides a guaranteed level of service to the voice traffic flows.
  • Associated applications: Identifies interdependencies in applications that integrate with your UC environment, such as paging, to ensure they function optimally with your UC solution

Benefits of a Cisco Unified Communications Assessment:

  • Realize higher network availability and uptime.
  • Ensure successful deployment of your Cisco UC solution.
  • Capitalize on OneNeck’s best practices and extensive expertise for deploying UC solutions.
  • Take away prioritized action steps that incorporate best practices to make efficient use of your engineering staff.

At the end of the assessment, our OneNeck experts present next steps that you can take to make the most of your UC investment with specific enhancements or optimizations of your UC and network solution. Contact us to get started today.

Download the solution brief

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