Azure DevOps Tutorial and Overview

Discover how to accelerate application delivery with this Azure DevOps tutorial.


Today’s business success is defined by a strong digital presence, making Azure DevOps critical to driving product velocity, improving application delivery, and competing in the digital economy.

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Azure DevOps is a cultural shift, powered by technology—starting in IT and moving throughout an organization. In the DevOps world, processes are lean and efficient, minimizing waste and delivering maximum value to end customers. Simply put, it is the evolution and cooperation of people, process, and technology.

Microsoft Azure provides an ideal, open and flexible platform for all your developing needs. And with OneNeck’s expertise in DevOps culture and technology, we can improve your application development and operations, using effective DevOps strategies and tools.

Contact us today to learn how businesses are transforming with Azure DevOps, and understand the critical milestones needed to develop a plan for transformation.

Azure DevOps Tutorial – an Introduction

“We are able to use different departments and staff as subject matter experts on our projects. We have a small IT department with limited resources so we are able to access a larger brain trust on projects.”

Network Administrator

Medium Enterprise Healthcare Company

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 339-1EB-432

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