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Bigger and bigger data.

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We’re not just swimming in data these days, we’re deluged by it

In fact, in the time it will take you to read this introduction, over 200 million emails will have been created and sent by businesses of all sizes in the United States. That’s why information management and storage is critically important to your business. Proper storage design provides the technologies and tools you need to help you release the power of your information, making your business more effective and efficient.

OneNeck has experience designing, building and managing flexible, scalable and secure information infrastructures for hundreds of businesses in just about every industry imaginable. We can help you create a storage system that will intelligently and efficiently store, protect and manage your information. Ultimately the goal is to ensure that your data is accessible, searchable, shareable and actionable. Before we can assist you through the storage planning and implementation process, however, we must perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing storage infrastructure to determine its capabilities and limitations.

Saving things the right way

An assessment of your existing storage strategy and architecture from a OneNeck expert will help you:

  • Develop a long-term storage strategy
  • Compare current storage architecture against projected requirements
  • Evaluate storage resources availability, capacity and performance
  • Reduce cost through storage optimization opportunities
  • Analyze your storage environment against best practices

What you will gain?

To ensure that you and your organization have a complete understanding of your storage infrastructure, future needs and opportunities, your OneNeck expert will provide you with:

  • A report containing summary storage assessment metrics
  • An in-person summary presentation containing recommendations and next steps

Are you ready?

If your company needs a comprehensive analysis of its storage infrastructure, and are looking for recommendations for improvements and long-term benefits through storage optimization, then a OneNeck storage assessment is a great place to start. It only takes a week for us to review your storage array infrastructure – architecture, devices, configuration, operation and utilization – collect the performance data, and provide you storage guidance and recommendations. Contact us to get started today before you’re buried deeper by the deluge of data.

Download the solution brief

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