Secure Identity and Access Management

Our solutions use best-of-breed tools and methodologies to provide authorized and secure network access.


How important is ensuring the identity and security of those who access your data?

Just ask the major retailers, financial institutions and their customers who have been the victims of recent data breaches. They’ll tell you the damage done to both your business and your brand can be catastrophic.

Identifying an authorized resource and ensuring that it is accessing your data securely is one of the key fundamentals of IT security. And you can provide secure access to your content with the help of industry-leading tools and experts at OneNeck® IT Solutions.

OneNeck can provide your in-house or remote mobile workforce via a secure and authenticated channel, using best-of-breed industry tools and solutions to verify identity and grant secure network access to your data. Using proven methodologies, our cyber security experts will assess your current business and technical needs and provide you with comprehensive identity and secure access management.

Device and User Identification

Today, networks are more accessible and more widely deployed while employees are more mobile and partners are more integrated. This means your data is more vulnerable than ever. In order to protect your data, you need to know who your system users are, how they are authenticated, and what information and applications they can access. Our security experts will work with you to create a complete set of solutions that meet all your requirements for user and device authentication and secure network access.

Authentication and Authorization

Whether you need to authenticate users in-house, wirelessly or via VPN, OneNeck will guide you in selecting the correct authentication solution and provide complete deployment services so you know your systems are set up properly. Some of our access solutions include:

  • Active Directory and LDAP directory services
  • PKI certificate solutions
  • 802.1x, Kerberos, RADIUS, TACACS+ authentication protocols
  • Single Sign-On (SSO, SAML, and Dual Factor Authentication)

Policy Based Access

Our identity and secure access management solutions provide the required visibility and policy-based, context-aware access for end-user sessions. Access controls can be achieved using download ACLs to protect layer 4 – 7, based on the type of device, user, location, posture status or IP address. Our cyber security experts will work with you to architect and deploy solutions that meet your authentication and authorization needs within your environment.


In order to achieve compliance with the aid of clearly defined security policies you must know your who is accessing your data, how they are accessing it and what they are seeing. Our security experts will work with you and assist you in defining the configuration requirements to meet your security policy and ensure your overall compliance readiness. Current compliance standards require multi-factor authentication and user-specific access controls. OneNeck provides advanced identity and secure access management integrated with your network and your policies.

OneNeck Services

  • Identity and secure access consulting, technology strategy workshops and solution development.
  • Identity and secure access solution design and implementation for Cisco ISE and complementary products.
  • OneNeck managed services for network and security infrastructure.

Pricing and Scope

Pricing is calculated based on the size of the customer environment and specific customer requirements. This can include the number of sites, wireless versus wired end-users, type of devices, security features such as PKI or dual factor authentication and many others. OneNeck’s security experts will customize your engagement based on your existing environment and your specific needs.


Your business and your IT resources work more efficiently when technology products and services are aligned with your business needs and opportunities. OneNeck, along with our industry-leading partners, deliver intelligent, customized services such as identity and secure access management. OneNeck can help you accelerate your business infrastructure and protect it from both internal and external threats. Our security engineers hold industry respected security certifications such as CCIE-Security, CISSP and GSEC. They also stay current with the latest security trends and best practices.

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