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Managed Threat Detection and Response

Do you think you’re not big enough for a security attack? Think again. No organization is immune to a cyberattack, so now is the time to go on the offensive.

three people looking at computers in a data center

Security leaders need a cost-effective solution that detects and prevents intrusions, malware and other malicious activity. They need access to the latest threat research and analytics to separate the real threats from the noise. And they need 24/7 security experts who continually monitor their environments for threats and know what to do when they arise.

OneNeck has partnered with Fortra’s Alert Logic to provide Managed Detection and Response capabilities to stretched IT teams who need to protect their organizations against security breaches. We bring together a unique combination of Fortra’s Alert Logic’s award-winning SaaS security platform and continuous threat research and analytics, with our combined teams of round-the-clock security experts.

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Collect, Analyze and Protect

To ensure your environment is safe, you need a combination of real-time information, intelligence and expertise. This means you need the right tools to collect the information, the expertise and context to assess its relevance, and the expertise to remediate if it’s deemed a threat – any time of the day or night. This is a tall order for most organizations to effectively execute as most don’t have a full suite of security tools, a 24/7 security operations center (SOC), or even the in-house expertise to respond to every threat.


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Fortra’s Alert Logic and OneNeck – Stronger Together

To ensure you get the security coverage your business requires, OneNeck has partnered with Fortra’s Alert Logic to bring together a unique set of capabilities. This includes:

  • The Platform: Fortra’s Alert Logic’s platform provides security coverage wherever your workloads are – in one cloud, in many different clouds, containers, serverless or on-premise.
  • The Intelligence:  Fortra’s Alert Logic has dozens of security researchers, data scientists and engineers who have honed their analysis for 15+ years.
  • The Expertise: Fortra’s Alert Logic has 150 skilled SOC analysts who partner with OneNeck security experts in a comprehensive effort. Fortra’s Alert Logic SOC analysts escalate security incidents to the OneNeck security team, who act as the point-of-contact to you. And as your managed services provider, we know your environment, and are here to help keep it safe.


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TCO Calculator

Comprehensive security coverage can be costly. By utilizing a total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator, you can determine the costs required to acquire tools, build staff and train a team to protect your organization from cyber attacks.


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