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ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud

AHV application-centric security is a critical component of a zero-trust security posture, which is why ReliaCloud offers micro-segmentation with layer 2-4 stateful firewall services on each node, enabling the creation of rules for inbound and outbound traffic for AHV workloads. Utilizing Nutanix FLOW, the solution ensures that only necessary traffic is permitted, enhancing the security of the environment. (Note that this solution is licensed as an add-on to ReliaCloud Edge nodes.)

Application-centric Security with Zero Trust

  • Least Privilege: Limit users and applications to ONLY the networks and services required for operation.
  • Context: A solid understanding of network relationships and traffic patterns is the cornerstone to application-level policy.
  • Grouping: Simplification of policy by categorization and grouping of application tiers or policy members.
  • Enforcement: Micro-segmentation for granular policy between application tiers, isolation groups or user personas.

How Does it Work?

ReliaCloud Flow Security has two modes: monitor and enforce. Monitor mode visualizes traffic patterns between VMs, while enforce mode blocks unapproved traffic flows.


ReliaCloud Security Advantages


  • ReliaCloud security is a critical part of a zero-trust security posture. When applied in enforcement mode, it will only allow traffic on trusted ports and protocols.
  • ReliaCloud security is simple to manage and can be deployed automatically into its associated security policy with the use of categories, meaning no more managing complex configurations.
  • ReliaCloud security visualizes security policies and traffic flows with a visualization engine which allows you to see discovered traffic flows, including blocked traffic.
  • ReliaCloud security looks at East-West traffic (traffic “behind the firewall” and within the same VLAN and subnet).
  • ReliaCloud security has the ability to have virtual FWs around individual VMs.
  • ReliaCloud security can reduce network-segment/VLAN complexity. Instead of having to create lots of complex network segments and govern that traffic through the firewall, it can secure the traffic between VMs and applications. This has the benefit of:
    • Reduce the size of the firewall, which can reduce infrastructure and software licensing costs.
    • Increase performance. Flow is not limited to the speed the Firewall. Most ReliaCloud nodes are dual connected at 25 Gbps to the network.
  • ReliaCloud security is managed by OneNeck, crossing the network and application support team boundaries, and is easy to consume based upon 10-packs of security policies.

Use Cases for ReliaCloud Security

Improve Data Center Security Posture

Prevent breaches and protect from data loss by adding security inside the datacenter at the network and application layers.

Discovery and Visibility

Discover and visualize application network interactions to ensure policy creation.

EUC & VDI Security

Segment and secure VDI, DaaS, or App virtualization.  Leverage Identity controls for automated policy enforcement.


Network and Application Segmentation

Create network security zones (PCI, Test / Dev). Use micro-segmentation to create application tiers. Prevent malware spread.

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