Backup and Disaster Recovery Assessment

Take the first step towards an efficient backup and recovery solution with an assessment.

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The time to know whether you’re prepared for an IT disaster is not during that disaster.

That’s why it’s critical to assess and update your backup and recovery systems on a regular basis to meet changing technological and business needs.

Be Prepared

Backup and disaster recovery have become fundamental elements of business and essential pieces of information management. Availability and integrity of information, or the lack thereof, can directly impact revenues and profits, as well as an organization’s reputation. Because of this evolution, the backup and recovery marketplace is becoming much more in-depth and robust. Through leveraging our consultative expertise, OneNeck can help you understand how to navigate the complex world of managed backup and recovery solutions.

More than that, how you back up – the people, process and infrastructure you have in place – can affect key business initiatives. It can accelerate or decelerate the pace at which you roll out new applications or extend virtualization across your organization; and it can improve or hinder product development cycles, global expansion efforts or customer service.

OneNeck’s backup and disaster recovery assessment provides the first step towards creating an efficient, reliable and appropriate managed backup and recovery solution for your business. It allows you to gain visibility into your current backup environment, plan for future backup projects and ensure that your mission-critical data is protected.


Choosing the experts at OneNeck to perform a backup and disaster recovery assessment provides many benefits including:

  • Simplification of planning for any upcoming BRA projects.
  • Operational and procedural insights into your current environments, along with recommendations for improvement.
  • It allows you to quantify the impact information growth is having on your business.


When you engage OneNeck to provide this assessment, you will receive:

  • An initial meeting to review goals, benefits, expectations and availability of required resources.
  • A gap analysis report that shows any discrepancies between servers registered with LDAP (e.g. Active Directory) and servers defined in the backup software.
  • A final report including summary of findings, recommendations for improvements, high-level infrastructure architecture and next steps.

Knowing What Matters

Given the state of budgets and staffing, we know IT managers and administrators are stretched to the limits. This assessment can help ease that burden for IT leaders who:

  • Would like more insight into their backup environment.
  • Are struggling with current backup time.
  • Are deploying new applications that will need to be backed up.
  • Have concerns about backup infrastructure in terms of its capacity or performance.


  • Administrator access to Active Directory server
  • Administrator access to backup server

Pricing and Scope

  • Complimentary Technical Assessment: This assessment reviews your current infrastructure alignment to industry best practices. This engagement takes approximately an hour to run the tool, followed by a week of data collection. At the end of the data collection period, results will be presented.
  • Paid Operational and Organizational Assessment:  This engagement dives deeper into your organizational and operational infrastructure in the form of an on-site workshop and staff interviews. It can take up to two days on-site, and one day off-site to create the assessment report.

Why OneNeck for Assessments

Your business and your IT resources work more efficiently when technology products and services are aligned with your business needs and opportunities. OneNeck along with our industry-leading partners, VMware, Cisco, EMC and VCE, delivers intelligent, customized services that accelerate your virtualization journey enabling you to reduce costs, deliver high availability and improve application performance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Download the solution brief

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