woman looking at vmware nsx in data center

Nutanix Prism

woman looking at vmware nsx in data center

Nutanix Prism is a management solution that simplifies virtualized data center environments with its consumer-grade, end-to-end approach. It combines various aspects of administration and reporting, resulting in an unparalleled level of simplicity. Prism is designed to provide a clutter-free, enriched user experience that facilitates the streamlining of data center workflows.

With Prism, there is no need for multiple management solutions to tackle different tasks. It manages everything from storage and computing infrastructure to virtual machines (VMs). To manage clusters, users can utilize the Prism Central console, while single nodes can be managed via both Prism Central and Prism Element Consoles.



One-Click Cluster Management

Prism simplifies the deployment of clusters for storage and virtualization, enabling administrators to complete the process within minutes. Streamlined deployment and consolidated visibility of cluster statistics make administration easy.

  • Host Profile: Standardize configuration of hosts within a cluster based on user-provided information (e.g., auto-mount containers).
  • Virtual Networking: Setup and configure layer-2 VLAN backed virtual networks spanning the cluster. Optionally, create a virtual network with managed IP for VM IP management.
  • Non-disruptive Upgrades: Upgrade the Acropolis Operating System, Hypervisors, and firmware with a single click without any downtime and maintenance windows.
  • Network Visualization: Get a VM-centric operational view of the network and drastically reduce the mean time to restore from common network issues. A complete visual representation of how applications are connected to the underlying physical and virtual network.

One-Click VM Setup

Prism simplifies the entire virtual machine lifecycle, from creation and initial placement to IP network configuration, protection, and migration.

  • Snapshots and Clones: Rapidly create snapshots and clones of virtual machines.
  • Resource Scheduling: Determine intelligent initial placement of virtual machines, and dynamically balance the load across the cluster for optimal performance.

One-Click Storage Management

Prism offers intuitive VM-centric workflows for all administrative tasks related to storage deployment, management, and scaling. These workflows can be accessed from a single, easy-to-use interface.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Define failure domains for resilience, establish snapshot and replication schedules, and leverage integrated data protection workflows.

RBAC and Self Service

By utilizing Prism, infrastructure resources can be controlled by end users. RBAC provides detailed authority over the actions that can be executed on various “Entities,” including VMs, applications, reports, clusters, and so on.

  • Easy User and Resource Management: End users can be grouped together from AD/LDAP for easy “Role” assignment. “Categories” can be used to “Entities”, making it easy to manage compute, storage and network resources.
  • Standards-based Authentication: Prism integrates with LDAP-based services for strong and flexible administrator authentication.

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