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ReliaCloud Edge Files

ReliaCloud® Edge files nodes are specialized to support dedicated clusters running Nutanix™ FILES.

The ideal use case is for environments that have 50+ TiB of files or environments that need a dedicated files solution for compliance.

ReliaCloud EDGE Files Nodes

Model reliacloud-files-nodes

ReliaCloud Edge

Price Per Node $1375 AHV
Chassis/Model Nutanix NX-G8 8055
Processor 2x Intel Xeon-Gold 5317 Processor (3GHz/ 12-core/ 205W) (24 cores) 
RAM* 512GB 
SSD 15.36TB
NIC (Add-on) 2x 25GbE, 2-port, SFP28 Network Adapter (Intel XXV710) 
GPU None

*Typical configuration for 512GB RAM is 16x32GB 3200MHz DDR4 RDIMM.


Other Details

Model FIL.2415H 
Licensing Consumption Based per GiB 
Cluster Software AOS Files Dedicated + D.A.R.E. 
Min Nodes per Cluster  4
MAX Nodes per Cluster 12

Sizing Guidance

Model FIL.2415H 
4 Node Capacity  125TiB Usable & Protected N+1 
Configuration for the Spec .04% Hourly, 1 Daily, 7 Weekly, 2 Monthly. Plus Async 4/7/4