Man sitting on cliff with computer using citrix

Citrix & OneNeck

Securely powering the modern workplace.

Man sitting on cliff with computer using citrix

Companies everywhere are redefining workplace strategies. The technology chosen and how it is implemented are critical to an effective modern workplace strategy that enables your

employees to get work done better and faster. To meet this demand, OneNeck partners with Citrix to deliver integrated desktop as a service (DaaS), app delivery, security and collaborative work solutions.

As a certified Citrix Service Provider Partner and Citrix Silver Solution Advisor, we offer multiple solutions and services.



Formerly known as ADC, Netscaler is a comprehensive application delivery controller. Through our Citrix partnership, we provide organizations with a purpose-built networking appliance that improves the performance, security and resiliency of applications delivered over the web. While commonly utilized alongside other Citrix deployments, Netscaler does work as a standalone load balancer.

  • Modern Architecture– From public cloud to on-premises servers, your applications perform efficiently and effectively while maintaining a consistent security posture.
  • Single Code Base– Get operational consistency for any application in any environment and form factor, all with holistic visibility through a “single pane of glass.”
  • Flexible Licensing– Increased agility with pooled capacity enable you to reallocate bandwidth across Netscaler form factors as needed.
  • Comprehensive Security– An ICSA-certified level 7 application firewall that protects your apps and APIs with multiple security layers, including DDoS protection, web app firewall and bot management.
  • Load Balancing– Used in conjunction with other Citrix services or in a standalone capacity to improve application availability, responsiveness and prevent server overload.
man utilizing windows virtual desktop on computer

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops (DaaS)

We provide virtualization solutions that give your IT team control of virtual machines, applications and security while providing anywhere access for any device. End users can utilize applications and desktops independently of the device’s operating system or interface. Boost productivity while increasing security as Citrix CVAD delivers:

  • An on-demand and consistent high-definition user experience, anywhere.
  • Secure access for your data and applications with comprehensive security policies, application protections and authentication methods.
  • Virtual desktop data that is centrally stored and automatically backed up in your cloud or data center and only available to those who need access.
  • Management simplicity via built-in tools to troubleshoot, monitor and support your environments.
  • Decreased upfront costs, that eliminate the need to buy new hardware or software.
  • BYOD via a universal client that works natively on a full range of PCs, tablets and smartphones.
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Citrix Cloud

The delivery method for getting Citrix products and services, such as virtual apps, desktops and content collaboration to your end users. Our platform deployment connects your resources through connectors on any infrastructure you choose (on-premises, public cloud, private cloud or hybrid). Benefits of a OneNeck Citrix Cloud solution:

  • Citrix managed infrastructure that includes both gateway servers and workspace servers. Additionally, this incorporates the virtual apps and desktops control plane, which comprises the database, delivery controllers, license server and Director and Studio components.
  • Options for setting up and managing the required resource location (Active Directory, VM and on-prem data center or cloud hosting).
  • Deployment and management of your Citrix Cloud Connectors. These serve as the communication channels between Citrix Cloud and your resource locations, enabling management without additional networking or infrastructure configuration.
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Assurance Services

OneNeck offers Citrix Assurance Services that help maintain the health of your Citrix Netscaler and your Citrix Virtual Application and Desktops (CVAD).

  • Ongoing, pre-scheduled reviews of your Citrix environment to proactively maintain, identify potential issues and provide remediation paths.
  • Citrix environment component checks and version level feature updates aligned with Citrix’s standard product release cycles.
  • Packages of hours that provide continued support post-deployment, on an ongoing basis or during staff shortages.
  • “Build your own” continuous support models based on unique needs as well as customer support and training whenever needed.

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