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ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud

High Density Compute

ReliaCloud Edge High Density Compute (HDC) is configured to support clusters with a higher density of VMs per node.

HDC clusters are appropriate for environments with hundreds to thousands of VMs. When building HDC environments consider N+2 architectures.

ReliaCloud Edge HDC Nodes

Model Reliacloud-hdc-node

ReliaCloud Edge

Price Per Node* $3855 AHV
$4055 ESXi
Chassis/Model Nutanix NX-G8 8155
Processor 2x Intel Xeon-Gold 6342 Processor (2.8GHz/ 24-core/ 205W) (48 cores) 
RAM** 2048GB 
SSD 30.72TB
NIC 1x 25GbE, 2-port, SFP28 Network Adapter
GPU None

*VMware ESXi licensing not included. OneNeck’s VMware Cloud Provider Program Licensing is required.

**Typical configuration for 2048GB RAM is 32x64GB 3200MHz DDR4 RDIMM.


Other Details

Model HDC.4830H
Licensing Capacity Based
Cluster Software AOS ULT + Prism ULT 
Min Nodes per Cluster  3
MAX Nodes per Cluster 12

Sizing Guidance

Model HDC.4830H 
OneNeck Benchmark Score*  149
VMs per Node  50 
Largest Size VM – vCPU  18

*OneNeck Benchmark Score – A VM average size is used as the baseline for setting a standard configuration to track price points across cloud solutions. This includes 2vCPU, 8 GB of RAM and 300 GB of storage.

The VM sizing was calculated across OneNeck’s study of our ReliaCloud customer base, and we’ve taken this VM sizing to give an approximate indicator of how many benchmark VMs we could safely fit into a 3-node cluster comprised of a specific node type.  Settings assume the follow parameters:

  • Per VM: 210 GiB cold and 90 Gib hot data
  • Cluster:  AHV, 4 to 1 vCPU : Physical core ratio, RF2 data resiliency, N+1 fault tolerance to 85% resource thresholds, in cluster scale out Prism Central and local data protection with snapshot schedule 4xhourly,7xdaily, 4xweekly, 1xmonthly.