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Palo Alto NGFW

Next generation firewall defense for today’s security challenges.

palo alto ngfw


Threats have become increasingly sophisticated, and networks have only become more complex. Having the proper tools to protect your data, applications and network is imperative. Those tools begin with a next-generation firewall (NGFW) as the gatekeeper of your network security strategy.

OneNeck’s partnership with Palo Alto brings a NGFW solution that embeds machine learning directly in the firewall’s core to provide real-time device identification and inline, signatureless attack prevention, enabling you to stay ahead of threats. As a certified Palo Alto Networks NextWave Innovator Partner, our experienced team is here to help transition your organization to the next-generation of boundary protection.

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Palo Alto Next-Gen Firewall

Our team deploys NGFW solutions that provide traditional stateful inspection of network traffic entering or exiting your network based on state, port and protocol, while additionally including many features not found within conventional firewalls. This powerful boundary protection goes beyond traditional signature-based detection to find and stop even the most evasive threats, giving you complete visibility and control of applications across all users and devices.

  • In-Line Deep Learning– A subset of machine learning (ML) that move beyond the structured data analysis of traditional ML, but instead analyzes data with a more “human” approach.
  • Zero-Delay Signatures– Every internet-connected NGFW in your network is updated within single-digit seconds of analysis. The initial user to view a threat is the only one to see that threat.
  • ML-Powered Visibility Across Connected Devices– Evaluate any device to disclose type, vendor, model, firmware and more while using cloud scale to compare usage and validate profiles, so no device goes unmanaged.
  • Maximize Security and Minimize Downtime– Use built-in AIOps to improve security posture without adding staff or buying new equipment and avoid costly outages by predicting firewall health.
palo alto NGFW

Virtual Next-Gen Firewall (NGFWv)

Our integration and deployment of your NGFWv matches the security of a physical firewall, but adds the speed, agility and scale of the cloud. Our engineers provide your organization with simple and best-in-class network security for public clouds, private clouds, virtual branches and other critical infrastructure.

  • Public clouds– Protect public cloud environments with network security that stops zero-day threats in real time with complete traffic visibility and control. Add vital protections to native CSP control, secure your multi-cloud environments with automated deployment and safeguard all critical network connections to cloud applications.
  • Private clouds– Built for application protection in virtual environments, your NGFWv provides comprehensive virtualized network perimeter security that seamlessly integrates with virtual machines and software-defined networking (SDN) solutions to enforce trust zones and consistent security across SDNs and hypervisors.

Managed Services

The proper security tools, physical or virtual, are only part of your detection and prevention solution. You also need a dedicated team to provide support around the clock. OneNeck delivers 24/7 coverage so that you can quickly prevent, detect and respond to incoming threats. OneNeck’s managed Palo Alto NGFW support services include:

  • Utilization of Palo Alto’s Panorama to monitor, configure and automate centralized security management of all NGFWs across the breath of your infrastructures and cloud environments.
  • Timely patching and upgrades to prevent security breaches, data loss or theft, meet regulatory compliance and safeguard your organization.
  • Security incident troubleshooting for all OneNeck-managed apps and devices.
  • Quarterly security reports that include a review of security service coverage, escalated incidents, threats and events. Recommendations to maximize security tool use and minimize security risk profile are also delivered.
  • NGFWv risk reports provide a high-level review of the security posture of internal assets, applications run on a network, and accessibility of those devices.

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