ReliaCloud FILES

ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud

Built upon the Nutanix™ Files software-defined platform, ReliaCloud® FILES eliminates the requirement of 3rd-party file server appliances and gives you access to files across user workstations in a centralized and protected location. Access to files can be managed via role-based access controls (RBAC), ensuring that security and compliance is upheld.

ReliaCloud FILES is fully kitted out with support for high availability, deduplication and compression, erasure coding, and data at rest encryption just to name a few of the key features. These features are leveraged extensively on our ReliaCloud FILES platforms to enable your users to access data whenever and wherever needed while being cost effective.


Object Storage and Auto-Tiering

ReliaCloud FILES is built for simple file level access for data that users may want at their fingertips at any given time. Keeping infrequently accessed files, or files that have simply not been archived within File storage, can end up being costly and a poor use of resources.

ReliaCloud FILES has the ability to automatically move this data to our compatible ReliaCloud OBJECTS platform to reduce these costs and free up file server resources.




Build a cluster dedicated for large scale Files usage or leverage your existing EDGE cluster to deploy Files. EDGE files will allow you to monitor your resource usage and allocation to get analytics on your utilization. We’ll work with you to create the right solution for your Files requirements on our hosted private cloud platform.




Save your compute nodes for higher performance workloads and move your files workload to our public cloud. Monthly pay-go model makes ELASTIC FILES easy to consume without breaking the bank, making ELASTIC Files a great option for use cases such as disaster recovery and backup.


Managed FILES

Full SLA-backed managed service stack for either dedicated file serving clusters or mixed usage clusters. We’ll even help migrate data from your existing environment to make the transition smooth. If you have an on-prem server compatible with Nutanix Files, we can integrate that into your hosted environment.

Whatever problem that you are trying to solve for, our expertise and understanding of best practices are always available to help you on your IT journey.

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