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Employees expect to be productive across a variety of device types with consistent access to the applications that they need.

IT departments aim to foster this productivity by offering flexibility, while simultaneously requiring a scalable solution to secure corporate information across both personal and company-owned devices. Enter Microsoft Intune® (formerly Microsoft Endpoint Manager).

Intune is a cloud-based unified endpoint management solution that has become a market leader, managing endpoints across Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Linux operating systems. It provides a simple solution for managing devices, mobile applications and PCs. Your organization is able to access corporate applications, data and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device while keeping information secure.

With Microsoft Intune you can:

Administer Various Ecosystems

Utilize a single endpoint management solution to securely manage devices across Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux. Additionally, you can automate deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery and updates.

Achieve IT efficiencies in the cloud

Stay up to date with a highly scalable, globally distributed cloud service architecture.

Safeguard Data Regardless of Device Enrollment

Ensure data protection, even when devices used to access work files are not under your management. Intune’s app protection policies offer detailed control over Microsoft 365 data on mobile devices.

Device-based Conditional Access

Integrate with Azure AD to ensure only managed and compliant devices can access your organization’s M365 services, SaaS services or on-premises apps. Set a policy to only enable domain-joined devices that are enrolled in Intune to access M365 services.

Enable cutting edge information protection in Microsoft 365

  • Granular data controls within M365 mobile apps.
  • Keep work and personal data separate in multi-identity apps.
  • Stay current easily by streamlining deployment and updates of Microsoft 365 Apps and Windows 10.

Microsoft Intune Central Elements

Built-In Endpoint Security

Fortify security with a management solution that builds resiliency and centralizes endpoint security and identity-based device compliance. Protect data on both company-owned and BYOD devices.

Mobile Application Management

Empower your IT to deliver optimal endpoint experiences through zero-touch deployment and flexible, non-intrusive mobile application management.

Endpoint Analytics

Proactively gain insights and recommendations based on Microsoft Cloud data to enhance the user experience on endpoints.

Account Protection

Utilize endpoint security policies for account protection to safeguard the identities and accounts of your users, and manage the built-in group memberships on devices.

Encryption Features

BitLocker Drive Encryption serves as a data protection mechanism, seamlessly integrating with the operating system to counter threats from data theft or unintended exposure.

OneNeck, We’ve Got Your Back

As an experienced Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP), we are ready to help you deploy Endpoint Manager and realize the power of modern workplace management. Our Endpoint Manager offering includes:


Deployment and migration experience with a deep technical knowledge of Microsoft products.

Professional Services

Hands-on consulting and technical support including feature add-ons, migrations and hybrid deployments.

OneNeck CSP Support

Our Microsoft-certified experts work with a customer’s IT administrator to support the Microsoft 365 platform. We act as a single point of contact and work with Microsoft on your behalf to ensure your issues are resolved.

Simplified Billing

Ability to provide all Microsoft Licensing and Azure subscriptions required for an organization, on one consolidated invoice.

Customized Invoice Reporting

Options to report invoicing information in different ways

Customer Testimonial

“OneNeck support has also been instrumental in moving all our services to Microsoft Azure VDI, Defender 356, Endpoint Manager, Intune, etc. The ability to have one vendor that can supply all our needs with one user interface, MS 365 Admin, has created an ease of management and administration that was non-existent before.”

Ronald Kriege

Senior IT Director, Banyan Medical Systems

Source: TechValidate. TVID: B70-192-CAF

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