Unified Communications Architectural Evaluation

Take control of your UC environment.

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Do you know every piece of Unified Communications hardware in use within your organization?

It’s easy to lose track of how current (or not) these devices are. However, failing to maintain these systems can lead to costly upgrades. Now is the time to take control of your UC environment and get ahead before you get behind. Let OneNeck conduct a FREE Unified Communications Architectural Evaluation (UCAE) to help you identify collaboration issues before they happen. Our UCAE is intended to provide a baseline of the current UC environment and identify any gaps in hardware or software.

Our Unified Communications Architectural Evaluation is perfect for organizations who have:

  • Non-dedicated UC resources and lack the bandwidth to document their UC environment.
  • A pending upgrade, but unsure of scope.
  • An organically grown UC environment.

The Unified Communications Architectural Evaluation assessment includes:

  • A full inventory of all UC connected equipment in your environment.
  • A report of hardware and software versions, licenses and count.
  • Identification on what is nearing end of life, end of sale and end of support.
  • A detailed report summarizing our findings and recommendations for improvement.

At the end of the assessment, our OneNeck experts present next steps that you can take to make the most of your UC investments as well as provide architectural recommendations that may help to optimize system performance. Contact us to get started today.

Download the solution brief

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