Virtual CISO Services

Bypass the hassle of hiring an in-house CISO and bring in the security leadership you need with virtual CISO services. We provide the security expertise when security talent is hard to come by and expensive.



Do these security challenges sound familiar?

  • Difficulty launching security strategy

  • Too many security tools

  • Too busy to properly execute

  • Lack of documented procedures

  • Mounting compliance mandates

Why Hire a Virtual CISO

The escalating frequency of severe data breaches have left many companies vulnerable and in need of in-house security leadership. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the means to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Working with a Virtual CISO is an attainable solution addressing both budget constraints and talent shortages. Typically costing significantly less than a full-time CISO, they provide on-demand expertise.


Our Virtual CISO Services

Our goal is not to sell you security products, but to help you clearly see your current security posture and determine your longer-term goals. We do this by either defining your security strategy (if you don’t have one), or if you do have one, helping you apply more rigor around making it policy. Once your security posture, strategy and policy are defined, then we’ll talk about the best security solutions for your unique needs.

True vCISO success relies on a thoughtful approach and proven best practices. That’s why we’ve developed a rigorous methodology that a virtual CISO engagement brings to your organization.






Determine Current State

Assess and document your current state based on regulatory requirements, solution portfolio, risk tolerance and corporate vision.



Develop a Security Strategy

Review the current-state documentation and facilitate the development of an effective, rigorous and agile risk-based security methodology.



Establish an Action Plan

Based on the security strategy, establish a plan of action based on risk exposure, vertical, team dynamics, as well as a methodology for continual
testing and improvement.



Determine the Next Steps

If remediation is deemed necessary, OneNeck security experts can help. Our security services include infrastructure and application security, identity an access management, advanced threat, security operations and additional security advisory services.



Customer Case Study – Gila River Hotels and Casinos

For Gila River Hotels & Casinos, the protection of their guests, infrastructure, data and revenue is paramount. However, Gila River lacked the resources and expertise to dedicate to the development and implementation of a tailored security strategy that complies with their regulatory requirements. They turned to OneNeck to help address their security needs.

By levaging OneNeck’s vCISO offering, Gila River was able to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Improved security
  • Reallocation of time and resources
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Security expertise

“OneNeck’s vCISO offering has provided us with tremendous value from day one. We have been able to vastly improve our existing information security program and boost our overall security posture.”

-Chris Bolton, CIO / Gila River Hotels and Casinos


Why OneNeck for Your Security Needs

The one-size-fits-all approach to security does not work. Opt for a partner who understands your unique environment requires tailored security solutions. Leverage our expertise in cybersecurity mitigation and security program development, and we’ll craft a security program that’s a perfectly suited to your needs.

Leverage Our Experts

Is it worth the risk going it alone? Benefit from our team of security experts that know how to build and manage security programs.

Make Executive Alignment Real

Our experts make it easy to work with organizational leaders to select the right tools and technology that fits your needs. In addition, they can help evangelize effective security controls to the broader organization.

Have Confidence in Your Strategy

We help drive measurable improvement in your security strategy. We’ll deliver detailed documentation to help support your security strategy, including recommendations for remediation, roadmaps for future-proofing and guidance every step of the way.

FREE Ransomware Vulnerability Consult with a vCISO

Not sure where to start? For a limited time we’re offering a no cost, no obligation, exclusive 1:1 discussion with one of our vCISO’s.

In this private consult our Virtual CISO will:

  • Review the 8 pertinent CIS Controls in order of a ransomware attack
  • Align them to the Controls you have in place and identify gaps
  • Get a high-level action plan to help prioritize and implement the most critical security controls

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