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OneNeck Data Centers

Best-in-class facilities to meet your data center needs.

Purpose-built facilities – We design and build mission-critical data centers optimized for performance and dependability. Our data centers deliver uninterrupted uptime with access to security, physical asset protection, workflow separation, and we back it all with detailed, 100% SLAs.

State-of-the-art security – We protect your assets from natural disasters and other threats. Our colocation facilities are hardened to withstand the worst natural events, and we include customizable building security measures including biometrics and the latest electronic access systems.

National 10Gbps Network - OneNeck’s 10Gbps network provides secure Layer 2 or Layer 3, high-performance and redundant connectivity between all OneNeck data center facilities, attached carrier hotels and Microsoft Azure, allowing you to rapidly provision/deploy new services and solutions with greater security and privacy via private connections.

Environmental Sustainability - Here at OneNeck, sustainability is a key aspect of our approach to meeting the needs of our customers.

Our objectives are to continue to:

  • Deliver data center solutions with the very lowest PUE possible for multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs) in regions they operate in.
  • Burn no fossil fuels, except when in emergency mode to run or test generators.
  • Rely on local utilities to supply us with the most cost-effective and, as they are economically able, sustainable sources of energy.
  • Utilize air-side or water-side “free cooling” at all our data centers where the exterior climate is conducive.

Bend, Oregon


Cedar Falls, Iowa


Denver, Colorado


Des Moines, Iowa


Gilbert, Arizona


Madison, Wisconsin


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Somerset, New Jersey


Tempe, Arizona

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