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Save both with practical modern workplace solutions.


your IT Security Vulnerabilities.

Keep moving forward.

Harness the Potential in Your Data and Gain Real-Time Insights

As data continues to grow, so does the complexity. As your partner, we can assist you in defining your end goal, then capturing and processing your data, accelerating the delivery of data-driven insights to your business.

Adapt and Boldly Confront Emerging Security Threats Before They Find You

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that solves every cybersecurity challenge. But we’re here to help you see the big picture, understand your current risks, and take steps to mitigate security gaps that keep your business safe from attack.

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Building Custom IT Solutions That Help Our Customers Grow

With OneNeck IT Solutions, you get a partner that truly has your back — a partner that’s ready to move, capable of the heavy lifting. We are the team just outside of the frame. A team who is on the job, around the clock, and prepared to respond and change direction if something unexpected occurs. We’re here to listen, to get it done, to get it right and to get you over the finish.

We are committed to optimizing the performance of custom IT solutions and services, integrating cloud and delivering on-premises systems — within the context and framework of your IT environment. At every touchpoint, we strive to foster connection, seek to understand, and earn your trust one engagement at a time to help you achieve your goals and create a memorable experience in the process.

Don't wait for an attack to kick your security preparation into high gear. Find a great IT partner who can help you bolster your security before it's too late.

Steve Jones

Information Technology & Systems Manager / A&A Machine & Fabrication

Data Center Locations

Bend, Oregon

The OneNeck data center "The Vault" in Bend, Oregon, was built to meet your most stringent compliance audit qualifications. Whether you have a single local office or locations across the globe, this Uptime ...

Cedar Falls, Iowa

The OneNeck data center in Cedar Falls, Iowa, is concurrently maintainable and was constructed using the latest eco-friendly designs. This 24,000 square foot facility was also designed and built with your needs in ...

Denver, Colorado

Located near the Denver Tech Center, the newest OneNeck IT Solutions data center is located in Denver's metro area. This purpose-built facility is based on a phased-build architecture allowing for rapid ...

Des Moines, Iowa

The OneNeck data center in the Des Moines area was commissioned into production in November 2009. It is based on a phased build architecture allowing for rapid expansion of the existing facility. The building is ...

Madison, Wisconsin

The OneNeck data center in Madison was commissioned into production in July 2008. Now, at 60,000 square feet of floor space, this facility includes six fully functional data rooms, a command center, staging areas, ...

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Located in the Golden Triangle Business Park in Minneapolis' suburb Eden Prairie, this data center set the standard for Minnesota-based data centers when it was built in 2010. This facility was the first ...

Phoenix, Arizona

In 1998, OneNeck commissioned its Phoenix 1 data center in Phoenix, Arizona. The building is 14,000 square feet and was engineered to manage comprehensive information technology solutions while also ensuring the ...