Data Center Storage & Systems

More than ever, IT solutions for business need to include efficient, flexible and scalable data center infrastructure solutions that will reduce complexity and cost, while enabling rapid application growth and new technologies.



We’re not just swimming in data these days, we’re drowning in it. OneNeck can help you design and implement data center storage solutions that will intelligently and efficiently store, protect and manage your information.

We perform the complete discovery, design, installation, configuration, testing and optimization of a variety of storage systems, all with your unique requirements front and center.



Are your servers aging, or is it time to look at a server refresh? We’re here to help ensure your systems meet today’s demands while enabling the IT services that fuel the future growth of your organization.

Our experienced engineers can help you develop a clear compute strategy that emphasizes architectures instead of point products, all with your workloads in mind, bringing an application-centric approach to your data center infrastructure.


Converged Infrastructure

Thinking of your data center infrastructure as a set of integrated parts that must function seamlessly together is now the expectation. Converged infrastructure delivers your data center as a tested, proven and integrated solution. Our experts can help size, customize and deliver converged infrastructure solutions that meet your needs and scale with your business.

At OneNeck, we understand there are many routes to convergence, and it can be overwhelming in a market that is becoming more crowded on a daily basis. We’re here to help. We can assess your goals, whether they be reducing cost and complexity, increasing performance and efficiency, or merely trying to simplify your infrastructure. We will then look across our numerous vendors to make recommendations that fit your business.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is more than just merging storage and compute into a single solution. It converges the entire data center stack, including compute, storage, storage networking and virtualization. Legacy infrastructure is replaced by a platform that enable enterprises to start small and scale one node at a time. Software running on each server node distributes all operating functions across the cluster for superior performance and resilience. And when the entire IT stack of multiple infrastructure components is combined into a software-defined platform, you can accomplish complex tasks in minutes instead of hours.



Disaggregated Hyperconverged Infrastructure

While HCI has many benefits, there are some challenges for quickly growing businesses that need an architecture that’s easy to manage and includes things like disaster recovery, security and cloud. And while more scalable than CI, HCI cannot scale compute and storage independently, which can pose a challenge with today’s workloads.

Disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI) disaggregates compute and storage, as well as integrates HCI control for simple management on a flexible architecture, making it ideal for unpredictable growth.

Customer Testimonial

“With a secure storage solution in place and disaster recovery plans that will only improve over time, we’re able to scale and meet the needs of the organization as we grow into the future.”

Michael Edwards

Operations Supervisor / City of Greenwood Village


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