ReliaCloud Edge

For organizations that prioritize control, security and compliance, ReliaCloud Edge On-Prem brings OneNeck’s hosted private cloud to any US-based location or third-party data center, including any OneNeck colocation facility.


As OneNeck’s Nutanix-based private cloud offering, ReliaCloud Edge is helping our customers embrace a hybrid cloud strategy, while making private cloud consumption as easy as hyperscale public cloud. This is possible as ReliaCloud Edge is consumed in discrete blocks of complete infrastructure (aka nodes) that contain the CPU, memory, necessary storage and licensing.  It’s these nodes that construct the clusters which provide the necessary resilience and scalability, and can be scaled up and down to meet your business needs.

ReliaCloud Edge On-Premise Offers These Unique Features:

  • Optimize high-performance processing for AI and data-intensive applications by bringing the workload closer to the data processing location.
  • Address orphaned workloads on-premise by utilizing a cluster with ROBO models, providing a unified solution.
  • Run workloads in the data center of your choice, maintaining control over data and addressing data sovereignty concerns.
  • Implement a hybrid cloud strategy, allowing nodes on-premise, hosted, or in the public cloud to achieve flexibility.
  • Entrust ReliaCloud Edge On-Prem to manage workloads, freeing up your team to focus on core initiatives. Alternatively, opt for full co-administration support for increased control.
  • Access cloud-based OpEx benefits without the need for a complete migration, providing financial flexibility.
  • Utilize consumption-based licensing with billing increments down to a day, ensuring cost efficiency.
  • Avoid the need to refactor VMs or workloads, simplifying the migration process.
  • Choose from various node level options within hosted ReliaCloud Edge, including the addition of reserved nodes on most types.
  • Seamlessly integrate existing assets with a next-generation hyperconverged network for enhanced efficiency.
  • Resolve network challenges with a fully managed network-in-a-box solution by OneNeck, addressing performance issues effectively.


ReliaCloud Edge On-Premise Bundle Design

ReliaCloud Edge On-Prem can provide standard cluster services, as well as a means of bringing the Nutanix platform to the branch offices. Standard design includes:

  • Hardware – Dedicated nodes are designed to fit your workloads and integrate into your network, or we can provide the network for you.
  • System Licensing and Hardware Support – Nutanix AOS Ultimate and Prism ULT, with (24x7x4) hardware and software are included.
  • Security – Data encryption at rest is enabled for all environments.
  • Managed Services – OneNeck is responsible for the cluster and the hypervisor lifecycle management. While workloads are customer managed or can be contracted for in the OneNeck managed services catalog.
  • Hypervisor – Nutanix AHV is included.
  • Network Connections – ReliaCloud Edge On-Prem nodes are designed to integrate into your network, requiring 2×10 or 25 Gbps connections, depending on the node type. We can also provide a dedicated set of switches to ensure network performance.
  • Operating System – OS options include Windows SPLA, opensource or bring your own license (BYOL).
  • AI Cluster Efficiency – Cluster AI watches for anomalies in resource usage and creates system alerts to reclaim CPU and memory to improve system performance by optimizing resources.
  • Add On: Reserved Nodes – Guarantee immediate capacity with reserved nodes. They are elastic in nature and can be a great solution for burst capacity, short term project work or long-term cluster capacity adds.

Ready to transform your business with ReliaCloud? Contact us today to discover how we can help you navigate the complexities of the modern digital landscape and begin your journey toward efficient and secure cloud connectivity.