ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud

ReliaCloud EDGE Node Details

ReliaCloud® Edge is our hosted private cloud platform. We construct managed dedicated clusters with Nutanix™ hyperconverged software and put them directly into our state-of-the-art data centers.


ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud

Simplify with Pre-Configured Nodes

Designing a node to meet specific use cases can be complex and time consuming, which is why we simplify the process by offering nodes designed for common and varied workload profiles.


High Performance Compute

For high performance workloads.

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High Density Compute

For high VM density (per node).

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Specialized to serve Nutanix Files.

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For low VM density.

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For virtual desktops and hosted apps.

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Curated Node Alignment

We’ll take the guesswork out of customizing your environment through our in-depth sizing process.

Many cloud providers rely solely on public cloud cost analyzers to evaluate workloads and match them with the most suitable virtual machine (VM) sizes. While this approach is convenient and efficient, it may overlook crucial factors, particularly in larger scale environments.

This is why our process measures performance over time to get statistics on IOPS, API calls, reads, writes, puts, gets, and more, to prevent oversizing and reduce TCO. Costs of running the environment such as egress fees from public clouds, power scheduling, and licensing are also fully considered during sizing. Examples of this are:

  • Sizing for system performance over time
  • Meaningful estimations of microtransaction fees, such as reads, writes, puts, gets, API calls, IOPs, transactions per second, etc.
  • VM snapshot sizing aligned to business-level RPOs
  • Projected growth models
  • Application licensing considerations for compliance
  • Specialized application reference architectures for performance
  • Costs associated with machine transformation to adhere to power on/off schedules
  • Optimized configurations that account for t-shirt-size waste
  • Resources needed to run for security management services
  • Balancing costs between physical assets converted to VMs that end up with upside down ROIs ( e.g., large firewalls and security appliances)
  • Data egress fees between application zones
  • Data egress fees out of public clouds
  • Reserved instance lock-in on specific configurations and flexibility loss.

So, you can rest assured that we account for all parameters when solution sizing your private cloud nodes, giving you a solution with known and predictable cost parameters.

Reserve Nodes

Should cluster capacity ever be required, reserve nodes are available for immediate expansion and without interruption. This is great for burst capacity, short-term project work, or if you forecast and anticipate a cluster expansion.

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