man standing by hyperconverged items in data center

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

Simplify your data center infrastructure with an HCI solution.

man standing by hyperconverged items in data center

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions for IT

IT professionals have been clamoring for a data center architecture that embraces cloud and economies of scale while being managed via software. Thus the hyperconverged infrastructure solutions of today include compute, networking, storage and server virtualization, and some other elements like backup software, snapshot capability, data deduplication, in-line compression and WAN optimization. And best of all, the entire system can be monitored and managed with a single pane of glass.

The Benefits of Hyperconvergence

  • Data efficiency — Reduces storage, bandwidth and IOPS requirements.
  • Scalability — Easy to scale out/in resources as needed.
  • Virtualization centric — A focus on the virtual machine (VM) or workload as the cornerstone of enterprise IT, with all supporting constructs revolving around individual VMs.
  • Data protection — Easier restoration of data in the event of loss or corruption.
  • VM mobility — Greater application/workload mobility.
  • High availability — Higher levels of availability than possible in legacy systems.
  • Cost efficiency — A sustainable step-based economic model that eliminates waste.

How to Make Hyperconverged Work for You

A hyperconverged solution enables cloud-like economies of scale without compromising performance, reliability and availability. Best of all, you can upgrade to a hyperconverged environment without replacing your current infrastructure. You can take a step-by-step approach and enjoy these benefits right away:

  • Consolidation — Hyperconvergence is ideal for consolidating or building a new data center. Today’s hyperconvergence  solutions integrate seamlessly with your environment and show immediate results.
  • Updating technology — Hyperconvergence can be integrated into an existing environment while the older hardware is phased out of production, as resources allow. It may be initially only necessary for high-performance applications while less critical applications remain on the older infrastructure.
  • New high-performance application demands — If your environment is growing with new tier-1 applications that require a robust infrastructure, rather than expand your aging equipment, you can bring in a hyperconverged solution to run those new, higher-demand applications.
  • Virtual desktop initiatives — Hyperconverged infrastructure allows you to deploy VDI initiatives quickly and easily since compute and storage is in a single appliance.
  • Remote sites — Hyperconverged solutions are managed as one integrated system, enabling remote resource management via centralized administrative resources.
  • Backup and disaster recovery — Hyperconverged solutions simplify the process to backup and recover data in the event of a loss.

At OneNeck, we work with the leading hyperconverged appliance companies and know the strengths and weaknesses of each. We combine that knowledge with our business expertise to help you assess your goals – whether it be reducing cost and complexity, increasing performance and efficiency, or merely trying to simplify your infrastructure. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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