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Demand more from your data backup and recovery solution with Cohesity and OneNeck.

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Data is the new gold, but the more data you accrue, the more complex management becomes. In addition, with the rapid increase of cyberthreats, protecting your data gets harder every day. Yet legacy backup and recovery systems are too slow and cumbersome to meet modern needs and often rely on multiple tools and vendors, thus fragmenting your data.

OneNeck, through our partnership with Cohesity, provides a simplified and modern backup and recovery solution designed for the Cloud Era. Our team can help transform your data protection approach by converging backup, recovery, replication and disaster recovery on a single, hyperconverged, cloud-native data management solution with a single interface that utilizes policy-based automation.

cohesity backup

Cohesity Data Management

Cohesity backup solutions combine backups on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment – all at an economical price that provides a strong return on investment.

Cohesity next-gen data management applies a modern approach to cyber resilience for hybrid or multi-cloud environments based on four aspects:

  • Simplicity at Scale­– Easily manage your information while keeping pace with data growth. Our Cohesity-built solution utilizes single webscale software. At the same time, the UI provides the necessary visibility and control across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, all while offering flexible deployment options.
  • Zero Trust Security– Detect, protect and rapidly recover from cyberattacks via built-in, AI-powered threat detection, automated disaster recovery and smooth integration with security partners that keeps your data safe and your business resilient.
  • Powered by AI– Built-in AI insights can maximize agility and efficiency, and lower risk, while improving decision-making and reducing cost.
  • 3rd Party Extensibility– Build, automate and manage workflows via seamless integration of your data environment with a broad ecosystem of leading security solutions.
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Cyber Resiliency

By partnering with Cohesity, we provide you with a next-gen data management approach that will reinforce your environment against bad actors and improve your response strategy.

  • Reduce Risk of Unauthorized Access– By collapsing data and infrastructure silos onto a single, software-defined platform, we can help you defend against cyberattacks by reducing the potential attack surface and limiting access points.
  • Detect Threats Early– Apply machine learning (ML) to identify real-time abnormalities and threats, including data exfiltration, to stop attacks before they impact your organization or to accelerate recovery.
  • Data Isolation– Provide an added layer of protection against modern ransomware attacks with policy-based data vaulting.
  • Immutable Backups– Prevent external systems from affecting your backups with immutability, DataLock (WORM) and RBAC protection layers.

HPE Intelligent Storage with Cohesity

Our experienced team is uniquely positioned to provide a solution that combines the web-scale simplicity and efficiency of Cohesity software with the power and density of HPE’s industry-leading servers. This formidable combination mitigates the effects of siloed data so you can leverage backup and unstructured data for additional powerful uses beyond data protection.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership– Consolidation of both your data and infrastructure not only allows for seamless expansion via web-scale architecture but also reduces the need for spending on skilled resources and maintenance.
  • Simplified Operations– Manage all data with a single integrated platform and UI while performing deployment of non-disruptive upgrades. Additionally, ensure compliance with SLAs and policies by utilizing proactive health monitoring.
  • Enterprise-Class Data Security– Create a cybersecurity sandbox. Built-in features allow you to identify on an ongoing and non-disruptive basis what is happening to your data, so that you can prevent, detect and respond to attacks. Should the need ever arise, your data can be instantly recovered anywhere, to any point in time.

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