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The flexible and scalable capacity the cloud brings is undeniable, but cloud deployments can also bring complexity and unplanned costs.

At OneNeck, our cloud experts work with you to determine the right-cloud fit for your workloads, ensuring you get the maximum value from your cloud investment and avoid the most common cloud pitfalls.

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In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, businesses are increasingly turning to multi-cloud strategies as a strategic approach to managing their IT infrastructure and operations. This approach brings together services and resources from multiple providers, distributing workloads across various cloud platforms. The benefits include enhanced redundancy, improved reliability, vendor lock-in mitigation, optimized performance and the flexibility to leverage specialized services tailored to different business needs.

At OneNeck, we enable our clients through our cloud solutions to harness the strengths of various cloud ecosystems, so they can mitigate risks and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth, fully embracing the multi-cloud approach as a compelling and forward-looking strategy.

Our Cloud Solutions Include:


Cloud Services

With OneNeck as your strategic partner, you have options of advanced cloud services that ensure you get the most from your cloud strategy and deployment.

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Hosted Private ReliaCloud

Do your workloads require high availability and a 100% SLA? With hosted private cloud, ensure your most critical applications are always available.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

Enjoy the unlimited scalability of public cloud with global reach and the flexible pricing agreements, ideal for your workloads that require on-demand resources.

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On-Premises Cloud

Get the flexibility of public cloud, but with the security and control of a private cloud… all in your own (or colocated) data center.

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Whether you need to develop a cloud strategy, migrate workloads to the cloud, increase your security in the cloud, or simply want a partner to help you leverage the benefits of cloud, OneNeck’s experienced team of cloud experts can get you there.
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