Vulnerability Assessment

Identify your security gaps before opportunistic attackers do.

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In the evolving digital world, comprehending your cybersecurity landscape is crucial. A Vulnerability Assessment offers a unique perspective, pinpointing security gaps before they become liabilities.

Unlike other assessments, it focuses on identifying ‘weak links’ in your IT systems, thereby offering preemptive protection. However, conducting these assessments requires specialized knowledge and substantial manpower – resources your organization may lack. With mounting cybersecurity threats and potential loss, the need for an expert-led, thorough Vulnerability Assessment has never been more critical. Let us help you safeguard your digital assets efficiently and effectively.

The Vulnerability Assessment Engagement

A typical vulnerability assessment consists of the following steps:

  • Plan: We start by determining which systems and networks will be assessed (including cloud), identify where the most sensitive data resides, and which data and systems are most critical.
  • Scan: You can’t fix what you can’t see. So, after planning, the first step in a vulnerability assessment is an intelligent scan that performs a discovery of exposed application type/version and then scans those applications for vulnerabilities that would only apply to those applications.
  • Analyze: Post collection, our automated reports are meticulously verified and consolidated by our security experts. Leveraging our extensive hybrid IT expertise and broad security service portfolio, we provide a comprehensive perspective on each vulnerability assessment. This enables us to counsel you based on your distinctive risk profile and prioritize subsequent actions efficiently.
  • Remediate: Once we’ve determined the gaps and have prioritized a plan of attack, we are here to help remediate. It may entail patching, updating an application, resolving misconfigurations, the addition of new security tools or even updated security procedures.

Data breaches are growing at an alarming rate, and the attack surface is constantly changing, as attackers continue to get more refined in their tactics. So, don’t wait. Take a proactive approach to close any gaps and maintain strong security for your systems, data, employees and customers. Data breaches are often the result of unpatched vulnerabilities, so identifying and eliminating these security gaps is critical in keeping your organization safe. OneNeck’s vulnerability scan and remediation services give you the confidence you need to understand your risks, focus on what matters and create better security outcomes.

Additional Security Services with a vCISO

If you are looking for a longer-term engagement with additional security services, we can help with that too. OneNeck’s cost-effective virtual CISO (vCISO) service is available to help you address the broad scope of security and compliance needs that today’s businesses face. We have indepth knowledge and experience in assisting our customers with their security challenges, and our team is made up of security experts who stay current on emerging threats, so you don’t have to. Our team of security experts will:

  • Perform a standards-based security assessment to discover existing security posture.
  • Perform a cybersecurity risk assessment that identifies an organization’s unique risks and prioritizes mitigating activities.
  • Perform a gap analysis with product evaluation report for technical exposures.
  • Create a corrective action plan for mitigating exposures prioritized by risk impact and likelihood.
  • Develop security policies, procedures, standards and runbooks.
  • Provide regular program tracking reports.

In addition to these services, our security experts will work alongside your team, as a hands-on security resource, educating them and guiding them on mitigating risk. As a trusted partner with intimate knowledge of your infrastructure, OneNeck’s security team can also provide additional remediation services, giving you the confidence you need knowing that your security strategy is executed by experts with deep understanding of your unique environment. Contact us to get started today before you’re buried deeper by the deluge of data.

Download the solution brief

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