OneNeck and Commvault

As a trusted Commvault Market Builder MSP Partner, OneNeck offers Commvault backup and recovery solutions that protect from ransomware and other cyberattacks.


In today’s modern business environment, true innovation is only possible when combined with a modern approach to data creation, usage and storage. This data needs to be easily and rapidly accessible and fully protected from attacks. OneNeck, through its partnership with Commvault, provides an intelligent data solution that allows you to innovate with the confidence that your data is reliable, resilient and secure.


Commvault Intelligent Data Services

Through our extensive partnership, OneNeck delivers flexible solutions with future-proof architecture to meet your needs. We offer a unified customer experience that administers your data service capabilities in one place. Commvault data management offers the following benefits:

  • Data Protection– Rapidly recover data at scale, on-premises through unified management and protection for all workloads across on-premises and hybrid/multi-cloud environments.
  • Data Security– Utilize advanced detection, multi-layered protection and rapid recovery from security threats, including ransomware and data breaches.
  • Data Compliance and Governance– Manage data access to safeguard regulatory compliance while mitigating data privacy risks as part of a holistic data governance strategy.
  • Data Transformation– Seamlessly move and repurpose data across environments, enabling siloed workloads for application modernization via DevOps alongside flexible usage for copy data management, security testing, IT operations and other business requirements.
  • Data Insights– Apply machine learning and AI-driven data insights to promote efficiency and optimize IT processes for data protection, storage, power consumption management and anomaly detection to mitigate ransomware and other data breaches.


commvault metallic

Commvault Metallic Backup

Designed to produce next-generation SaaS-delivered data management by delivering Commvault’s powerful core technology through the cloud with proven security.​ Our team expertly deploys this flexible hybrid solution that is optimal for organizations only wanting to pay for the backup services, while still allowing for rapid scalability.

  • SaaS Application Protection– Protecting SaaS data is ultimately your responsibility. Our deployment of Metallic protects data from ransomware, corruption, internal attacks and human error. We ensure your information is safe, compliant and recoverable from current and future threats.
  • Hybrid Cloud Data Management– We assist digital transformations by harnessing the strength of the cloud while simultaneously working with leading on-premises technology. Our Metallic solutions comprehensively cover an array of workloads and offer the flexibility to scale seamlessly and secure your data, all while providing significant ROI.
  • Security & Compliance– Our deployment utilizes built-in multi-layered security and delivers a hardened approach to data protection and compliance to comprehensively safeguard your critical data.  Achieve real-time insights into at-risk datasets via AI-powered anomaly detection while employing rapid recovery via in-place, out-of-place, item-level and mass restore options.



Metallic Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft is the first to tell all organizations that the responsibility of data protection for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams applications belong to the customer. Our managed Metallic backup service provides comprehensive security for M365 data, safeguarding your business from accidental or malicious deletion, corruption and ransomware attack. We protect where most needed via automated daily backups, flexible restore options, immutable backups, in-place restore for all M365 apps, multiple mailbox retention policies, and unlimited storage and retention. Our managed solutions offer the advantages of:

  • Complete Coverage– Secure data in Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and more. Combined with unlimited Azure storage and retention, we ensure protection no matter your organization’s size.
  • Granular Restore– Effortlessly locate active or deleted data, rapidly recover from an attack, and in-place restore of valuable data across all M365 applications.
  • Hardened Security– Via stringent security protocols, zero-trust access controls, and virtual air-gapped backup copies, our managed Metallic deployments provide a multi-layered approach to securing and protecting data.
  • Storage Options– Store your data wherever you need it, in the public cloud, OneNeck’s hosted ReliaCloud or Azure Blob.



Azure Data Protection

Metallic addresses the limitations found in Azure’s native backup solution by offering granular file restoration, air-gapped backups for enhanced security, consistent backup schedules and automated backup integrity testing. This ability significantly reduces unpredictability in storage durations and costs while ensuring reliability during critical recovery scenarios. Additional key components include:

  • Cloud-Native Backup – Benefit from the collaboration between Metallic and Microsoft, ensuring smooth integration and broad scalability within Azure, housed within a versatile SaaS framework.
  • In-depth Data Insights and Reporting – Explore comprehensive analytics ranging from storage metrics to restoration specifics and stay updated with proactive notifications.
  • Streamlined Management – Handle all backup requirements from a centralized interface, defining RTO/RPO, restoring multiple VMs, accessing guest files, and more.
  • Built-in Security – Includes active detection of ransomware, complete encryption, virtually air-gapped storage and immutable copies for enhanced data safeguarding.

Microsoft Active Directory and Entra ID Backup

Our Metallic SaaS managed services allow you to backup and quickly restore Microsoft AD and Entra ID data whether the need is necessitated by corruption, accidental deletion or intentional attack. Supported platforms and storage options include:

  • Microsoft Active Directory On physical servers, virtual servers, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Entra ID
  • Cloud Storage-
    • Metallic Cloud Storage Service is included with Entra ID Backup.
  • On-Premises Storage (Microsoft Active Directory Only)
    • Commvault Distributed Storage
    • Dell EMC Isilon, Data Domain
    • Hitachi HNAS, VSP, HCP
    • HPE Primera, Nimble, 3PAR
    • NetApp E-Series
    • Pure Storage FlashArray

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