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Empowering Your Business with Azure Cloud Support


Navigating Azure can be a daunting task, even for the most capable IT teams – but we’re here to help. OneNeck’s Azure Cloud Support Services are crafted to empower businesses to realize the full potential of Microsoft Azure without the steep learning curve.

At OneNeck, we have a deep understanding of the multifaceted cloud landscape and the complexities of navigating it. Our support services are designed to guide you through the adoption of Azure and to foster a culture of best practices. We are your partner in optimizing costs, answering pressing questions and swiftly resolving incidents. Our hands-on Microsoft experts channel their extensive experience and lean heavily into our long-standing relationship with Microsoft to maximize the return on your Microsoft investments.

Most importantly, our support services have grown from a commitment to customer success, a model that is reinforced by industry best practices and grounded in the TSIA standards for foundational reactive customer support. We are dedicated to enhancing your Azure experience, providing steadfast support and expertise at every step of your cloud journey.

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies, they encounter a range of challenges that can hinder their progress. These challenges span across various aspects of cloud adoption and management, including:

  • Navigating the increasing complexity of cloud environments.
  • Managing and optimizing cloud costs.
  • Ensuring high availability and reliability of business-critical workloads.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in cloud technology.
  • Preventing prolonged downtime and disrupted customer service.

Support for Your Azure Success


Expert Support: Understanding the challenges of rapid change, knowledge gaps and limited IT resources, OneNeck offers flexible, cost-effective support. Our Premier contract with Microsoft ensures prompt response times that lead to quick resolution.


Advanced Solutions: As a seasoned cloud services provider, we guide you step by step through architecting and integrating into Azure, utilizing proven best practices and our seasoned cloud experts as your guide.


24×7 Managed Services: Our expert-to-expert managed services perfectly complement your capabilities with a proactive approach, defined by a well-articulated scope of services and service-level agreements (SLAs) encompassing monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting. These services include:

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Safeguard critical data and ensure continuity with our robust backup and disaster recovery solutions.


Experience seamless database management that optimizes performance and ensures data integrity.


Offload your application management, ensuring they are always up-to-date and performing optimally.


Experience secure, reliable and high-performing network management that keeps your business connected and protected.


Optimize your data storage solutions with expert management services, ensuring data availability and security.

IT Systems

Streamline operations and enhance business productivity with comprehensive IT system management.

Azure Cloud Support Services






ITIL-based Support

2 Incidents/Month

Mission-critical Support

4 Incidents/Month

Tailored Support

8 Incidents/Month

Service Onboarding and Identity Assessment with Recommendations: Support onboarding and registration. Assessment of issues and risks.

Knowledge Base: Azure Knowledge Artcles (KAs) developed by OneNeck Azure experts, available in online forum. Includes Microsoft knowledge articles and OneNeck knowledge articles.

Cost Optimization 

Quarterly cost optimization awareness

Quarterly cost optimization awareness

Azure Cost Analysis: Tailored recommendations, analysis and optimization plan presented to the customer on an ongoing basis.

Incident Support: For Azure-related issues based on a prescribed number of incidents per year. Additional incidents may be added.




Support Access: Business day support service, with critical incident support for Advanced and Premium tiers.

M-F 7×7 MST

M-F 7×7 MST

Critical 24×7

M-F 7×7 MST

Critical 24×7

Yearly Azure Support Review and Azure Assessment: Azure support history review and discussion regarding the support service. Annual Azure Assessment – additional cost may apply for out of scope requirements.

Customer Advocate: We provide a customer advocate, ensuring your needs are heard, understood and met with the highest level of care and dedication.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption: Assess Azure environment using the Azure Well-Architected Framework best practices, and make next step recommendations for adoption:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Performance Efficiency

The OneNeck Difference

  • Expert-to-expert guidance in navigating Azure.
  • Proactive cost management strategies to optimize cloud expenses.
  • High availability and reliability of business-critical workloads.
  • Regular updates on the latest developments in cloud technology.
  • A reliable IT partner to prevent prolonged downtime and disrupted customer service.

A Microsoft CSP that Has Your Back

We value your business and include the following services when you choose us as your Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP):

  • Billing and Subscription Management Support
  • Support Portal
  • License Management Portal/Azure Usage View
  • Carefully Sourced, Self-help Resources
  • Azure Cost Recommendations
  • Microsoft Support Escalation
  • Azure Architecture & Infrastructure Advisory
  • 24×7 Support Access

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