On-Premise Private Cloud Services

A cloud solution that provides the flexibility of public cloud, with the security and control of a private cloud that resides in your own data center.



Benefits of an On-Premise Private Cloud Solution

In the dynamic landscape of cloud computing, private clouds emerge as a transformative solution tailored for the unique needs of individual organizations. Unlike public clouds, where resources are shared among multiple users, a private cloud is exclusively utilized by a single organization. This distinction, known as being a “single tenant,” ensures that both the hardware and software resources are dedicated solely to the needs of that specific organization. The allure of on-premise private clouds is particularly pronounced in industries with stringent security and compliance requirements, such as government and financial services.

Reasons to Consider On-Premise Workloads

Data Gravity

Relocating data from its source, whether generated by applications, machines, or personnel, is expensive and time-consuming .


Regulatory considerations, such as GDPR and other industry-specific mandates, can impose limitations on utilizing the public cloud for data storage, necessitating the need for on-premise solutions.

IT Control

Maintaining control over IT processes, from deploying custom applications to safeguarding critical data, is crucial. On-premise solutions offer a level of control that can be challenging to replicate in a public cloud environment.

Unpredictable Cost

Egress charges and the cost of moving data can be quite high. On-premise solutions provide cost predictability and eliminate unexpected financial burdens.

On-Premise Options

To embark on a successful on-premise private cloud journey, enterprises must articulate their goals, define cloud requirements, and choose technologies that align with their unique needs. Here are some viable on-premise options:

hybrid cloud design private cloud

Traditional Systems

Traditional systems stand as a dependable foundation, providing enterprises with a time-tested approach to building robust and reliable infrastructure. This approach involves leveraging high-performing, enterprise-grade data center components, including storage, network, and compute systems.


Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure (CI) tightly integrates essential components such as compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and automation – offering a proven architecture that scales seamlessly to meet the demands of even the largest environments. What sets CI apart is its flexibility, allowing businesses to tailor the infrastructure to their specific needs while benefitting from a unified, cohesive system.

hyperconverged infrastructure HCI

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) seamlessly combines elements such as backup software, snapshot capability, data deduplication, inline compression, and WAN optimization into a single, integrated appliance. This consolidated infrastructure, managed through a unified interface, enables businesses to simplify their IT operations and leverage global management capabilities. HCI’s use of cost-effective commodity hardware makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes, eliminating the complexity traditionally associated with private cloud solutions.


ReliaCloud Edge On-Premise


ReliaCloud Edge On-Premise empowers organizations prioritizing control, security, and compliance.  ReliaCloud Edge On-Prem extends OneNeck’s hosted private cloud to any US-based location or third-party data center, including OneNeck colocation facilities. As OneNeck’s Nutanix-based private cloud solution, ReliaCloud Edge facilitates a seamless hybrid cloud strategy, simplifying private cloud consumption through discrete infrastructure blocks (nodes) that encompass CPU, memory, storage, and licensing, allowing for scalable clusters tailored to meet business requirements.


Customer Testimonial

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Karleen C.

OneNeck Customer

OneNeck: Your Trusted Partner

Navigating the diverse landscape of on-premise private cloud solutions can be daunting. At OneNeck, we understand the challenges in a rapidly evolving market. Whether your goals involve cost reduction, increased performance, or simplifying infrastructure, we have your back. Our experts assess your unique needs, offering recommendations from our extensive partner network to tailor solutions that align with your business objectives.

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