three people looking at computers in a data center

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

three people looking at computers in a data center

Today’s world requires more than traditional antivirus. It’s time for modern endpoint protection.

Now that today’s workforce is global and often using their own devices in addition to corporate devices, ensuring the highest possible standard of endpoint protection is critical to keeping your organization’s data safe. And this applies to anyone and any size company. Hackers no longer solely focus on the Fortune 500, making midsize organizations with smaller security budgets and fewer resources a prime target for attack. So endpoint protection is now a must-have for all.

What Should an Effective Endpoint Protection Solution Entail?

Any endpoint protection platform needs to include both antivirus and anti-malware components that prevents, detects and responds to endpoint threats:

  • Prevent: Block known malware automatically leveraging global threat intelligence block risky endpoints from gaining access to applications.
  • Detect: Run complex queries and advanced investigations across all endpoints, and continuously monitor all file activity to detect stealthy malware.
  • Respond: Rapidly contain the attack by isolating an infected endpoint and remediating malware across PCs, Macs, Linux, servers, and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

How Can OneNeck Help Keep Your Endpoints Safe?

At OneNeck, we understand how critical it is that you prevent breaches and block malware a the point of entry in real time – and we’re here to help. We offer proven endpoint protection solutions that keep your endpoints safe and go beyond traditional antivirus solutions.

In addition, we can help you by managing your endpoint protection for you in a metered, per-license consumption model. Let our experts watch for threats. You focus on your business while we focus on your endpoints.

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