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Engineering & Construction IT Solutions

Take advantage of tailored, integrated IT solutions specific for the engineering and construction industry.

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With intense focus on customers and projects, today’s engineering and construction firms require real-time and seamless collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, on-site project managers and back office staff.

However, the fragmented nature of the construction industry and the long list of interrelated business operations such as finance, project management, purchasing and field operations present challenges to organizations that want to align all their resources and streamline their operations. These challenges can be overcome with the development and deployment of well integrated and strategic IT security planning and operations.

OneNeck helps engineering and construction companies become more competitive by providing custom IT solutions for consulting, business processes, applications and infrastructure. We base our solutions on industry best practices and provide cost-conscious, around-the-clock support to address the specific requirements of your business.

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Providing Tailored, Integrated IT Solutions

We know many factors could impact delivering your project on time and on budget. So, we develop and fine-tune hybrid IT solutions that affect each aspect of construction, including bid proposals, resource and job phase management, project accounting, service management, inventory billing, financial management and project by project reporting.

We integrate the tools and services your company needs for business performance, construction quality and cost management.

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Skanska USA Building

Skanska wanted their internal IT team to spend their time in areas that support Skanska’s core strategic functions, so they began the process of finding an ideal IT partner to offload the day-to-day management tasks—one that would think and act the same as Skanska. They selected OneNeck as their trusted advisor.


Customer Testimonial

“OneNecks’ commitment to respond quickly, regardless of circumstances, was important even in the proposal phase, since we believe small things tell the character of an organization. We saw their willingness to be flexible and move forward quickly as hallmarks of what we have now: a great relationship.”

Chris Stockley

Senior Vice President and CIO / Skanska USA Building

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