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Keep your perimeter secure and your network strong.

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Today’s business landscape is fraught with cybersecurity challenges.

Both internal and external threats pose substantial risks, with the potential to disrupt operations if not regularly monitored and updated.

OneNeck delivers robust network security services to fortify your defenses against a myriad of threats. Our seasoned experts evaluate your current business and technical requirements to provide an all-encompassing network security solution. We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions, covering everything from architecture and deployment to review services for all security facets, including firewall, VPN, and Intrusion Prevention Security.


A reliable network firewall is crucial in shielding your business from unauthorized access while facilitating legitimate traffic. As your business navigates the realms of mobility, cloud and evolving threats, visibility of users, applications, content, devices, and threats becomes paramount. It’s essential to understand user activities to secure your network from multi-vector threats. Our tailored firewall solutions deploy comprehensive protection against network and application layer 7 threats, safeguarding your data center, mobile workforce, and cloud environments.


Keep your traffic encrypted and users identified and authenticated with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). It’s the only way to provide secure remote user access to your resources from anywhere on any device. With VPN you can assure office-to-office connectivity over untrusted networks is secured and encrypted. Our customized VPN solutions will fully deploy end-user SSL, IPSec, Full Mesh VPN and high-performance data center-to-data center solutions.

Intrusion Prevention Services

You can prevent zero-day and deep packet attacks by implementing Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). Protect against targeted attacks, sophisticated malware and application and OS vulnerabilities. Our customized IPS solutions will fully tune and deploy signatures for your applications and resources.

Network Security Architecture

OneNeck will provide a high-level review of your oval network security architecture posture and best practices. With our in-depth knowledge of the latest network, compute and storage technologies, we review your current security architectures and assess them against your policies, compliance needs and core security practices.


Protecting your parameters with firewalls, IPS and VPN systems is a crucial part of compliance. Our experts will work with you and assist in building these configuration requirements to meet your security policy and ensure your overall compliance readiness.

OneNeck Services

Our security experts provide a wide range of services to ensure your data is protected and your business is secure:

  • Network security architecture— consulting, technology strategy workshops and solution development.
  • Security assessments— assess your vulnerabilities, architecture and device configurations.
  • Network firewall design and implementation— for physical and virtual environments.
  • Intrusion prevention solution design and implementation.
  • Virtual Private Network(VPN) design and implementation— for remote user access and site-to-site secure communication.
  • Application delivery solution design and implementation— including server load balancing, geographic load balancing, SSL offload, application security and layer 4-7 firewalls.
  • SIEM design and implementation— for LogRhythm and complementary products.
  • OneNeck managed services— for network and security infrastructure.

Pricing and Scope

Pricing is calculated based on the size of the customer environment and specific customer requirements. This can include: the number of sites, type of network security service such as VPN and IPS, and possible integration into backend authentication services. OneNeck’s security expert will work with you to customize your engagement based on your specific needs, such as:

  • Architecture and best placement.
  • Complete rule builds and review.
  • Evaluation of security technology policies for remote access and segmentation.
  • Device best practices configuration.
  • Staff training and documentation.

Don’t wait until you’ve been compromised

Efficiency is maximized when technology aligns with your business needs and opportunities. OneNeck IT Solutions and our industry-leading partners provide smart, tailored services like application security that bolster and protect your business infrastructure. Our certified security engineers keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices, ensuring a resilient and up-to-date security posture for your enterprise. Contact us to get started today.

Download the solution brief

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