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Transforming today’s classrooms and campuses to meet the demands of hybrid learning.



The education industry faces immense technology challenges. They must simultaneously serve the needs of students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators, all with limited resources. In addition, strict adherence to industry and government compliance standards must be followed. To meet these varied requirements, technology has evolved from something nice to have to a must have. Finding the right-fit technology that empowers teachers, students and administrators, while secure from attacks, can be highly challenging. Having an experienced IT partner can help.

At OneNeck, our vast experience as an provider of IT solutions for education enables us to customize solutions that combine a focus on technology and the people using it. We help clients ranging from elementary schools to higher education institutions, both public and private, and understand the distinctive needs of each.

Hybrid Learning

Adjust learning environments to meet the evolving technical demands of education and fully engage students, faculty and staff inside and outside the classroom.




Allow students, faculty and staff to utilize school-owned devices safely and effectively, as well as fully secure BYOD from ransomware and other attacks.


Intelligent Campus

Ensure secure and reliable connectivity through a flexible and scalable network that accommodates on-campus and remote access.


Modern Research Infrastructure

Fully support data-intensive research in a manner that is accessible, secure and scalable, all while allowing for in-person and global collaboration.


Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning in education is here to stay and has become a powerful tool, from elementary schools to public and private universities. But regardless of location, teachers still need to deliver uninterrupted learning while increasing student engagement and improving the quality of learning both in-person and virtually. These hurtles must be met while facing decreased revenue and enrollment challenges.

Our modern workplace experts can design and deploy cloud solutions, including video conferencing, messaging, data sharing and scheduling, that securely bring together students, teachers and staff, no matter where they reside. Our experts work with you to protect users, devices, data, email and more while providing the agility to adapt and scale.




With the incorporation of technology into virtually every aspect of education, security is paramount. Data must be protected on all fronts, from the cloud to campus networks and an ever-increasing number of endpoints. Any breach of private data could be devastating both financially and to institutional reputation.

We understand the importance of data security in all aspects of education and provide our clients with data protection services that follow strict regulatory compliance standards. Our engineers work with you through a consultative approach to assess your current state, then design, remediate and manage security solutions that allow for maximized collaboration, coordination and real-time data sharing while preserving a secure and fully compliant academic environment.



Intelligent Campus

The technological environment for academia is constantly evolving. With the exponential increase in the use of digital resources, schools are required to ensure quick and reliable access to this digital content. This access must be consistent for students and teachers in the classroom and throughout the school, campus and off-site.

We help our customers build and maintain an infrastructure that supports high-speed connectivity that enables seamless streaming and real-time collaboration for teachers and students alike. Our proven hands-on expertise working with educational institutions of all sizes means we deliver scalable solutions that ensure you meet student expectations, securely delivering modern digital experiences that utilize advanced automation to manage and deliver a consistent and equitable experience across the school community.


Modern Research Infrastructure

Research is the driving force for higher education, but modern research is data intensive and often requires extensive collaboration with peers. Additionally, academia has not remained immune from cyberattacks, forcing institutions to meet growing security concerns surrounding research data.

At OneNeck, we provide solutions that combine the need for high-performance computing with the flexibility necessary for meaningful collaboration. We assist in delivering the required tools to reliably connect, automate and secure your valuable research data, and we provide multiple backup and data recovery options, significantly reducing the risk of corruption or loss of critical data.


OneNeck Managed Services

At OneNeck, we combine our deep bench of technical expertise with a true understanding of the demands placed on today’s academic institutions. This experience serves us well as we help our customers in the day-to-day management of their technology investments.

  • Managed Services Maintaining an IT staff capable of handling daily monitoring and management of the technology infrastructure is beyond the resources available to many educational institutions. That’s why we’re here to help provide the daily management of your IT infrastructure. Whether utilizing our managed services for a single application, multiple servers or databases, or your entire network, our managed services allow you to spend less time and resources on day-to-day tasks and more on strategic initiatives.
  • Cloud Storage and Hosting To minimize infrastructure costs, schools are increasingly adopting cloud services to host applications, store data and facilitate collaboration. Whether in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment, our engineers design cloud solutions that work for your institution.

Proven Experience in Education IT Solutions

Mount Mercy University As a relatively small educational institution with limited resources, Mt. Mercy University had an aging network infrastructure that could no longer meet the institution’s needs. OneNeck delivered network reliability, enterprise support and colocation services that significantly increased productivity.


Fort Dodge School District Fort Dodge Community School District’s new middle school building with 1,110 students and 400 employees required a robust and scalable custom IT solution. OneNeck supplied the needed hardware and software for a reliable, cost-effective network, and provided the consultation necessary to ensure a long-term optimized infrastructure.

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