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From your infrastructure to your users, you need a strategic security solution that covers all your security gaps.



Assess Your Security Gaps

Assessing your current state and understanding your security gaps is the first step in addressing regulatory compliance and protecting your organization from breach. OneNeck can help by conducting assessments designed to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and gaps in your security program, followed by a thorough security gap analysis that will leave you with a roadmap to remediation and compliance.

Our assessments include:

  • CIS Controls Assessment: The Center for Internet Security Controls™ has developed a set of 18 controls that can be used to assess for good hygiene that includes network/software control, admin privileges, vulnerabilities, secure configurations, monitoring/analysis, etc., and we use these as a guideline in our CIS Controls Assessment.
  • CMMC Readiness Assessment: The US Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) ensures you’re prepared to address the latest in information security for the defense industrial base. With this assessment, DoD contractors can understand their current state and how it measures up against the CMMC framework.
  • Risk Analysis: The OneNeck Risk Assessment is a bottom-up approach to addressing risks in your environment that helps you identify potential security risks and prioritize the remediation of those risks.
  • Cloud Security Assessment: While customized to your cloud environment, the Cloud Security Assessment can include configuration analysis, network penetration testing, dynamic application security testing, a vulnerability assessment or a security controls audit.



Prioritize and Plan

To truly protect your organization from a cybersecurity breach, action must be taken. After assessing your risks, the real work starts.

  • Gap Analysis w/ Prioritization: With this in-depth security gap analysis, OneNeck experts not only evaluate your current security posture based on the applicable controls but will deliver an actionable roadmap based on industry-standard controls and frameworks that will serve as a guide to mitigating risks.
  • Corrective Action Plan for Identified Gaps: As a long-time professional security service provider, OneNeck experts can bring the context that spans infrastructure to the cloud and work with you to not only prioritize your risks but develop a corrective action plan to resolve those risks and future proof your environment for unforeseen cyberthreats.
  • Go-forward Roadmap Development: As organizations continue to evolve to compete in an always-on digital economy, it’s critical that security strategy evolves in tandem with the business. OneNeck security experts can help by bringing their “big-picture” context to the table and partner with you to develop and long-term security strategy that evolves with you.

Develop, Implement and Integrate

When all of the assessing and planning are complete, OneNeck’s team are here and ready to help make those plans a reality. We don’t just advise and plan – we do.

  • Security Architecture Development: With so many security tools and services in the market today, it can be overwhelming making investment decisions that protect your business while growing with you. OneNeck’s security experts can help you think about your security architecture in the context of your business with up-front due diligence and an eye towards the future. Our goal is always to maximize your current investments while minimizing risk.
  • Security Policy Development: In a world of ever-changing security threats, security policy is a critical component in combating cyberthreats, but often backburnered by IT administrators due to lack of time. OneNeck’s security experts can help by partnering with you to develop appropriate and effective security policies, and advise how to successfully put them into practice across your organization.
  • Security Operations and Incident Response Procedures: In a perfect world, every organization would have a security operations (SecOps) team that closely aligns with the business – but this isn’t always the reality, especially for smaller, mid-market organizations. But people, systems and data must be considered when developing a SecOps plan that effectively monitors activity throughout the enterprise. In addition, should a security event occur, determining a response plan in advance can be the difference between minutes and hours of downtime. OneNeck security experts are here to help you develop a SecOps strategy that fits your business, as well as a response plan should you need it.
  • Risk Management Program: Effective cybersecurity defense is an on-going process that continually identifies risks and addresses them. And like any other on-going program, it requires time and resources to ensure gaps aren’t missed. If your team is stretched and struggling to consistently identify, assess and address your organization’s risks, OneNeck’s experts are here to help you achieve an acceptable risk level for your organization.
  • Remediation Services: OneNeck’s security experts are here to help not just diagnose the problem, but resolve it. We bring a context that spans the IT infrastructure, inside and outside the traditional perimeter, and we can remediate security vulnerabilities with careful design, implementation and validation services.

Test and Validate

Vulnerabilities abound, making it critical to test and validate to ensure nothing has been missed. Our security experts offer the following services:

  • Penetration Testing: To outsmart the bad guys, you have to think like one. With a OneNeck penetration test, security experts attempt to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a simulated attack, identifying any weak spots an attacker could abuse.
  • Incident Response Tabletop Exercise: During an IR tabletop exercise, OneNeck security experts lead a mock drill that simulates a cyberattack scenario, in an effort to test and refine your organization’s cyber crisis proficiency processes and tools.
  • vCISO Retainer: Not every organization can afford a full-time CISO, often leaving a gap in security strategy and leadership. OneNeck’s virtual CISO brings a cost-effective way to fill that gap as needed, whether it be overarching perspective or specific security initiatives. Learn more about our vCISO program.
  • Annual Program Review: Just as cyberthreats evolve, so must an effective security strategy. OneNeck’s security experts can help you assess your security processes and tools to ensure your security program continues to address the changing threat landscape.


Today’s IT teams are overwhelmed with the increasing volume of cyberattacks, the shortage of in-house security experts and increasing complexity in their infrastructure and disparate tools – all leading to vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are quick to find. In the unfortunate (but likely) event a breach does happen, it’s critical to have a plan to rapidly analyze, contain and eradicate the attack. OneNeck is here to help.

  • Emergency Retainer for Incident Response: In an effort to always be prepared, OneNeck offers an agreement to be there if and when you need us. If you’re interested in retaining our services for a rainy day, we’re here to help.
  • Remediation Services: In the event the worst does happen, you are not alone. OneNeck’s security experts can jump in and help fight the fire. We know every cyber breach is unique, but we will be right there with you until your business is fully recovered. For a OneNeck customer’s perspective on our remediation services, check out A&A Fabrication’s story.


Customer Testimonial

“We have more secure access across the board and tightened access to data no matter where people are located. When it comes to security, OneNeck has taken a proactive approach.”

Kevin Smith

Information Systems Director / Spyder Active Sports


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