Penetration Test

To outsmart the bad guys, you have to think like one.



Vulnerabilities can arise from a variety of sources, such as unprotected VPN connections, inadequate multi-factor authentication, inconsistent patching, and poorly configured internal networks, creating easy avenues for lateral movement by intruders. So, how do you ensure your environment is safe from attack? An outside perspective can help.

A OneNeck penetration test provides an expert-led simulated attack aimed at finding and exploiting vulnerabilities, revealing potential weak spots an attacker could take advantage of. Post-testing, we don’t just leave you with the results – we provide detailed findings and recommend strategies to rectify any discovered vulnerabilities, ensuring a fortified defense.

Penetration Test

This real-world risk assessment involves our team executing full-scope Red Team exercises, mimicking tactics and techniques employed by modern threats. These tests transcend standard checklists, illustrating business-specific risks. The scope of each penetration test is tailored to the client’s objectives, with various target classes potentially scrutinized. The following may be examined as part of a penetration test:

  • External networks

  • Internal networks

  • Wireless networks

  • Social engineering

  • Physical security controls

Dynamic Application Security Test

Our team conducts an assessment targeting vulnerabilities specified in the latest OWASP Top 10. With a phased approach to Dynamic Application Security Testing, we pinpoint realworld vulnerabilities in the target application. This evaluation also highlights gaps in the application’s development and deployment process. The assessment, aimed at the main web property and its associated API, comprises the following components:

  • Injection Attacks Assessment

  • Authentication Mechanisms Assessment

  • Sensitive Data Exposure Assessment

  • Access Control Assessment

  • External Entities Assessment

  • Error Handling Assessment

  • Third-Party Component Assessment

  • Vulnerability Validation

  • Root Cause Analysis

Mobile Application Security Test

Our security experts perform a test that focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in mobile applications. It includes the same components as the Dynamic Application Test.


Why OneNeck for Penetration Testing?

As an experienced secure hybrid IT solutions provider, we are ready to help you prevent, detect and respond to security events in your environment. Our security services include:

Security Assessments

We work with you to identify your critical cyber risks and ensure good cyber hygiene in network/software control, admin privileges, vulnerabilities, secure configurations and monitoring/analysis.


Risk Management

We take a bottom-up approach to consistently identify, assess and address your organization’s risks


Managed Prevention, Detection & Response

We provide 24×7 response for security events. These services include endpoint protection, monitoring detection and response (MDR) and boundary control (firewalls).


Incident Response

In the unfortunate event a breach does happen, we can help you rapidly analyze, contain and eradicate the attack.

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