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Transforming your operations to meet the demands of modern governing.

government building with blue sky

State and local governments are at a crossroads. An aging workforce, legacy technology, budget shortfalls and public pressure to improve service delivery are all intersecting at once posing deep systemic challenges for leadership to address.


To address these challenges, agencies require dependable and secure IT solutions to optimize operations, foster better citizen interactions and guarantee the safeguarding of data – and OneNeck is here to help.


With a proven track record of partnering with governments on mission-critical initiatives, we offer flexible and scalable solutions that evolve legacy infrastructure and securely enable citizen-centric services.

Digital Transformation

Adapt to the digital economy by elevating service delivery and boosting operational efficiency while empowering and enriching digital-citizenship services.

Cybersecurity & Resilient Operations

Deliver solutions that mitigate the risks of data breaches and unauthorized access for your citizens, regardless of location or devices used.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with flexibility and choice that offers best-fit cloud solutions – public, private or both – for each workload.

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Digital Transformation

Embracing digital transformation is more than a trend—it’s a necessity for government agencies with citizens demanding an always-on experience. The quality-of-service delivery and operational efficiency hinges on the successful integration of digital solutions. It calls for a robust infrastructure that ensures smooth operations and fosters meaningful engagement between citizens and their government.

Our tailored solutions for state and local government encompass:

  • Cloud and Hosting Best-fit cloud solutions that align with your workload requirements.
  • Collaboration Voice and video communication solutions that enable intuitive citizen and agency collaboration.
  • Colocation Services US-based, top-tier colocation facilities with built-in resiliency and security.
  • Managed Services Managed services that take the day-to-day burden off of your team.
  • Security Safeguard critical data while adhering to compliance standards.
  • Professional IT Services Comprehensive IT consulting expertise, spanning assessments, design and implementation.
  • Hardware & Software Best-in-class hardware and software from proven manufacturers.


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Cybersecurity & Resilient Operations

With cyberthreats evolving in sophistication and frequency, government agencies face the triple challenge of safeguarding sensitive data, adhering to stringent compliance standards and ensuring accessibility to citizens. Always-on public services are the norm, but this increased accessibility also brings heightened vulnerabilities.

OneNeck recognizes these challenges and brings a wealth of experience in providing practical cybersecurity solutions for government agencies. Our team understands the intricate balance between security, compliance and accessibility, and we can work with you to craft security solutions that maximize your investments while minimizing risk.


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Multi-Cloud Solutions

State and local governments increasingly recognize the imperative of cloud adoption to drive secure and effective digital transformation, and we’ve worked with multiple agencies to design and implement cloud solutions that bring efficiency while minimizing risk. Our cloud solutions include:

  • ReliaCloud – OneNeck’s powered by Nutanix hosted private cloud, housed in top-tier, OneNeck data centers.
  • Microsoft’s Azure Government – An isolated version of Azure exclusively designed for government agencies and their solution providers.
  • Hybrid Cloud – A combination of on-premises and hosted solutions that meet specific use cases.

While the benefits of cloud services are clear, choosing the right approach isn’t. With OneNeck’s expertise, government entities can confidently navigate these complexities, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud that aligns with their unique needs and goals.


Proven Experience in Government IT Solutions

City of Minneapolis

When the City of Minneapolis decided to leverage a hybrid IT solution to meet their needs, they partnered with OneNeck to make it happen.

Read the Case Study

City of Bend

When population growth exceeded its IT infrastructure capabilities, the city turned to OneNeck to provide reliable security services and a colocation data center that could handle its robust activity.

Read the Case Study

Milwaukee County

The county government faced aging hardware and a shortage of IT staffing. OneNeck’s solutions saved the County approximately $10 million in hardware cost avoidance and operating expenses over five years.

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Customer Testimonial

“We did several studies and looked around at our options. There really weren’t any other data centers that offered the same level of security and reliability as the OneNeck data center in Bend. No one else could touch the capacity and redundancy built into the OneNeck facility.”

Randy James

IT Manager / City of Bend


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