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Retail IT Solutions

Optimize key performance metrics with retail business solutions from OneNeck.

women at retail store making a purchase

Operating in cut-throat environments, retailers need to constantly focus on growing their customer base, increasing the amount those customers spend, understanding where their margins are made and finding ways to increase those margins. This can be accomplished a number of ways including reducing value-chain costs and defining and accentuating areas of profitable differentiation.

Knowing that market value is based on investor expectations of future profitable growth, retailers must provide a convincing roadmap on how they expect to achieve results. And, none of this can be done without proper knowledge and control of your company’s data, IT systems and processes.

OneNeck provides retail business solutions, helping our customers deliver the highest performance possible in demanding markets. By helping our retail partners better understand and access their data, we help optimize key performance metrics so customers prefer to buy from them over and over again. At the same time, we help reduce risk and costs by improving application development, management and maintenance.


Becoming the Retailer of the Future: Your Journey to Digital Transformation

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IT Services and Solutions for Retail

Using OneNeck’s proven application management strategies, retail customers can better control distribution costs, minimize waste, improve supply chain effectiveness and improve the customer buying experience. Each solution we provide is tailored to your specific situation and requirements. Our solution will include the following goals:

  • Lower application management costs
  • Consolidate resources to eliminate waste
  • Automate processes to improve application ROI
  • Minimize complexity of technology and regulatory demands
  • Optimize each application and expertly manage the overall portfolio
  • Understand buyer behavior and create the best shopping experience
  • Integrate applications and deliver real-time information
piano keys and musicnotes sheet music

OneNeck Helps Musicnotes.com with an Always-on E-Commerce Site

For Musicnotes.com, their e-commerce site is their revenue engine. Ensuring their site, even during seasonality spikes, provides a high-quality and seamless purchase experience to its customers is essential to their success. As a result, this most mission-critical, world-facing site needed to be housed on IT infrastructure, promising high-availability, stability and performance.


Customer Testimonial

“OneNeck brought a local team of highly competent cloud resources to the table that demonstrated their ability to address our design, implementation and support concerns.”

Jon Higgins

CIO / Musicnotes


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