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May 28, 2024

FinOps & Azure: Transforming Cloud Cost Management

As businesses increasingly migrate to the cloud, effectively managing associated costs is crucial. IT budgets dedicate significant amounts to cloud services, with predictions suggesting this will escalate. This surge in cloud investment makes Financial Operations for cloud environments— FinOps —an essential discipline for managing costs in cloud environments. Importance of FinOps in Cloud Management Moving […]

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Stack of Cargo shipping in container terminal yard, show sky in color of Azure storage.
A flock of geese flying in perfect V formation toward the sun, representing a cloud migration metaphor.
Difficult choice between containers vs virtual machines. Solve problem. Confused man standing near two doors.
Empty server room powered by hyperflex data platform.
Cloud Security and Technology Concept with Abstract Chains.
Team of coworkers sitting around table, putting colorful puzzles together using collaboration solutions.
A circle of endpoint devices being protected from attacks via Defender for Endpoints and Intune