Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration Solutions for Remote Teams

Collaboration Solutions Keep Your Remote Team Happy, Engaged and Productive

A few years ago, remote work was something of a novelty. That changed in 2020 when the need for remote collaboration burst to the forefront of many organizations’ minds. Now, after a few years of implementing and improving processes, remote work seems here to stay.

Both employees and businesses are on board with the idea of remote or hybrid work — working outside of the office at least part of the time. When given the chance to work remotely at least part of the time, 87% of workers say they’ll do it. An AT&T report predicts that by 2024, hybrid work models will grow to 81% of the workforce.

What is a Collaboration Solution?

A collaboration solution is a type of software that allows employees or teams to communicate with each other and share information in real time, no matter where they are. The right solution for your team can help employees stay productive and focused while working toward the company’s goals.

Collaboration: The Key to Success in Remote Work Environments

It’s common for employees to work 100% remotely or in a hybrid environment, splitting their work time between the office and other locations. Without collaboration solutions, employees can be frustrated by digital barriers that hinder communication and creativity and lead to duplicate work — two or more employees working on different parts of the same project without realizing it.

However, using the right collaboration solution provides many benefits for remote employees.

Collaboration solutions enable strong team communication.

When all your employees use a collaboration solution, it ensures that everyone can access the same information and is on the same page. This also cuts down on duplicate messages through multiple channels, such as an employee sending an email, instant messaging and calling to try to reach someone.

Collaboration solutions build team cohesion.

A cohesive team doesn’t result from having everyone together in one building. Rather, teamwork grows from strong communication and trust. Collaboration solutions foster teamwork with face-to-face communication through video, messaging and information sharing. In addition, a digital space for socializing — a virtual water cooler or digital break room — helps build camaraderie and trust.

Collaboration solutions speed the pace of work.

Real-time information sharing and feedback cut down on distractions by diminishing the need for meetings, emails and calls. Face-to-face and instant communication, even virtually, eliminates delays and bottlenecks and helps speed up work.

Cisco Collaboration Solutions

Cisco has bundled together voice, video, data, security and mobility into a single solution called Cisco Unified Communications (UC). Along with UC, Cisco offers these cloud-based Webex solutions:

  • Webex is a complete, cloud-based app-centric collaboration suite that allows teams to create, meet, message, call, whiteboard and share in one continuous workstream from anywhere.
  • Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system for global calling from any location.
  • Webex Meetings offers online, face-to-face meetings with high-definition video from a web browser, mobile phone or tablet.

Microsoft’s Tools for Collaborative Success

Microsoft offers a suite of collaboration tools designed to enhance productivity and teamwork. Microsoft Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 suite, is a hub for collaboration that integrates with other Microsoft apps and services. Features include:

  • Chat and instant messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Integration with Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Customizable and extendable with third-party apps and integrations

Microsoft’s collaboration solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces, providing seamless communication and collaboration across devices and platforms.

Technology brings teams together.

The reality of today’s workplace is that remote work is here to stay. Even employees who routinely work from the office will occasionally find themselves working from home or other locations. As a result, every organization needs to invest in collaboration solutions to help their teams stay productive, no matter where they are.

To help, OneNeck IT Solutions has partnered with both Cisco and Microsoft to provide leading-edge collaboration solutions for the remote and hybrid workplace. Both Cisco Unified Solutions and Microsoft Teams are smart, affordable ways to keep your employees happy while encouraging them to give their best work. Together with OneNeck’s continuous monitoring, management and support, your organization will be ready to face the challenges of a hybrid work environment.

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