OneNeck Receives Patent

Robotic sensor created to measure temperature and humidity within data center cabinets.

The idea for a cabinet roaming robotic-sensor turns into an awarded US Patent for OneNeck® IT Solutions! The Lewis, U.S. Patent No. 9,843,847 was issued for a “Temperature-Humidity Monitoring Assembly for Closed Server Cabinet.”

The self-contained device attaches to the inside of a client’s cabinet door in our data center — without any modification or drilling. Fully controlled from outside the cabinet, the motor and belt-driven rail assembly unit (as shown in this short video), slowly and incrementally, raises the sensor until it reaches the top of the cabinet, and then lowers it back to the base. Once complete, a heat-map (of either the incoming airstream or discharge airstream) is produced, revealing the temperature and relative humidity within all RU-levels of the cabinet (with its doors closed).

With pinpoint accuracy, the heat-map reveals any and all hot spots. It’s a game-changer. It’s innovative, non-intrusive and extremely effective. Most importantly, equipped with this information, our customers or our facilities technicians can quickly and efficiently make the necessary adjustments to improve overall air flow.

With top-tier, purpose-built data centers in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon and Wisconsin, the sensor can be used to diagnose and better protect client’s mission critical servers and IT-equipment within the cabinets. Bottom-line, this unique monitoring device can aid our clients in managing their internal rack, cable placement and airflows, thus preventing overheating, early burn-out or, even worse, downtime.

With input and assistance from parent company Telephone and Data Systems, OneNeck was provided the resources to secure this, our first patent. Now, with patent in-hand, the device can be leveraged for internal use and/or selling or licensing the invention.

The need for a robot sensor

When it gets hot within the cabinet, it’s impossible to know exactly where the heat build-up is occurring. If you open the cabinet door to get a better look inside, it instantly and completely changes the cabinet environment. Close the door and the climate profile returns to its normal, but unobservable state. You can try to guess where. However, being able to pinpoint it precisely would save time and money.

This robotic sensor changes all that, it’s a differentiator! Essentially, OneNeck is the only company helping customers maintain climate hygiene within their cabinet. It’s a very exciting position to be in!

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