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Consider These Four Questions Before Deciding How (and Where) Your Business Data Should be Stored

Posted On: September 26, 2017

Topic: Multi-Cloud

advanced security services with safe full of numbersPaper or cloud? It’s a question many businesses ask themselves everyday — especially many smaller businesses. The answer: It depends!

There are many variables that go into making a decision about how and where to store your business data. It’s precisely why the answer to “paper or cloud” is “it depends.”

To help local businesses close in on the answer that’s right for their company, reporter Melissa Walker of the Des Moines’ Western Suburbs Business Journal recently asked experts the following questions:

  1. Why do I need to keep information?
  2. How do I decide what to keep?
  3. What are my storage options?
  4. Are back-ups necessary?

Find out what the experts, including OneNeck’s data center facilities manager, had to say. Starting on page 5, you can read the insights they shared. 


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