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Professional Services

Advisory IT Consulting Services

Comprehensive IT business consulting that bridges the gap between strategy and execution.

Technology is in every aspect of today’s business, bringing both challenges and opportunities for organizations to embrace the disruption to be more agile and efficient, while staying ahead of the competition.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, OneNeck is here to help drive your initiatives to successful completion. We work with you to understand where your business really is, where you want it to go and what it will truly take to get there, without the costly risk of trial-by-error.

We deeply integrate into your organization to address all sides of your challenges—from application mapping engagements to custom IT solution roadmaps—and identify the best path to resolution and, most importantly, the realization of your strategic IT goals.

Business Continuity Planning

As businesses struggle to align their IT processes to the business initiatives, business continuity planning has risen to the top of key initiatives. However, to really tackle this imperative, it is key to do the upfront due diligence and understand the interdependencies across the organization, always keeping human interactions front and center.

Recent Use Case:  OneNeck’s Advisory Consulting team recently worked with a global satellite provider who was undergoing a substantial reorganization that involved moving a large amount of enterprise hardware and applications from one environment into another.

This consolidation had to be done methodically, which required intense up-front planning. The plan meant that a documented understanding of who was using what application and what they used it for was key. From this interdependency mapping, the team was able to identify the stakeholders, the impact their role played in the business process and prioritize the migration of each application.

The end result of this engagement was a customized migration strategy that this large organization used to consolidate their environment which, in turn, saved them money and improved their internal processes.

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