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Nutanix Xi Leap Customers

Upgrade to OneNeck’s Premier DRaaS Solution

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Are you currently leveraging Nutanix Xi Leap or considering a DRaaS solution for your core Nutanix environment? As Nutanix phases out their Xi Leap service, OneNeck is equipped to be your best alternative. Recognized as both the Global and Americas Service Provider of the Year by Nutanix, we offer a robust DRaaS solution built on the same Nutanix technology you trust.

Why OneNeck?



Our flexible ReliaCloud Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) protects your organization from downtime and data loss while offering the same high standard of service and reliability you’re accustomed to from Nutanix.


Optimized for Nutanix and Xi Leap Users

As Nutanix moves on from Xi Leap, we can offer you a DRaaS solution that feels familiar, fits right into your current setup, and offers advanced features and functionality unmatched by competitors.


Expertise and Excellence

OneNeck was the first North American service provider to reach Champion status in the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program. This exclusive recognition underscores OneNeck’s 150+ Nutanix certifications and our wide-ranging portfolio of Nutanix-based managed services.

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Choose OneNeck for reliable DRaaS solutions. Our ReliaCloud® and comprehensive managed services portfolio represent not just a choice, but a strategic move forward for your business.

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