OneNeck relaunches Disaster Recovery as a Service

Just 35 percent of small- and mid-sized businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place, according to Gartner. Should disaster strike, the average cost of downtime is more than $360,000, according to the Acronis Disaster Recovery Index3.

“When it comes to disaster, businesses simply cannot afford downtime,” said Jim de la Pena, Product Director at OneNeck IT Solutions. “While businesses recognize this fact, many find creating a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to be overwhelming. Yet others lack the skills, time or expertise necessary to build and implement a full-blown DR plan. This is where partnership with a credible IT provider can make all the difference.”

OneNeck IT Solutions, for instance, is re-introducing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to help organizations develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, which begins with assessing the current situation.

“We know every organization has unique disaster recovery needs, which makes assessment so critical,” stated de la Pena. “Our goal is to identify their needs upfront, so we can develop a solution that best meets their individual situation. Depending on what’s discovered during the assessment, we can propose an array of solutions that, once in place, reduce operational expenses and risk, while ensuring IT resilience and uptime.”

The DRaaS solutions de la Pena refers to are powered by Zerto’s IT Resiliency Platform and Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery. Both offerings provide industry-leading technology and allow clients the necessary flexibility to choose any number of partner platforms, including Microsoft Azure or OneNeck’s ReliaCloud solution. Based on the assessment and platform selected, OneNeck works with clients to build out a fully-managed disaster recovery solution for their private, hybrid and public clouds. The goal is to ensure every client’s critical data can be recovered quickly, with minimal downtime, while the business remains up and running. For more details or to schedule a DRaaS assessment, visit OneNeck.

OneNeck also offers a full suite of hybrid IT solutions including cloud and hosting solutions, managed services, enterprise application management, professional services and IT hardware.

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