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Managed Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Our managed backup and disaster recovery services ensure your applications and data are always available.

Backup and disaster recovery have become fundamental elements of business and essential pieces of information management. Availability and integrity of information, or the lack thereof, can directly impact revenues and profits, as well as an organization’s reputation.

OneNeck® IT Solutions’ managed IT service and support remove the burden of monitoring and managing your backup and disaster recovery infrastructure to give you increased reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your strategic business initiatives.

Managed Backup Services

OneNeck’s backup experts will monitor and manage your backup solution to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency and that your data is protected. OneNeck will even assist with test restores to ensure that all data is being protected appropriately.

Our managed backup services include experience, expertise and operational support for the following technologies:

Disaster Recovery Services

Our managed IT disaster recovery services are specifically tailored to your company’s needs.  Each year, OneNeck will run a mock DR test to ensure that if a disaster were to occur, your organization is protected.

Our managed disaster recovery services include experience, expertise and operational support for the following technologies:

OneNeck has provided help with several projects around our company. One worth noting was migrating from an unreliable backup solution to a reliable cloud based solution.

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