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What is Azure and Why Do You Need It?

Azure stands out as a premier choice for organizations across the globe, offering a wide range of services that cater to diverse computing needs. Among its suite of services, Azure Backup emerges as a critical solution for ensuring data resilience and business continuity. Organizations leverage Azure Backup for various scenarios, from safeguarding SQL Server databases to protecting on-premises servers and Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). The versatility of Azure Backup allows it to meet the complex demands of modern IT environments, providing a secure and reliable means to preserve data across different platforms and locations.

At first glance, Azure’s pricing model for backup services appears straightforward, with Microsoft providing a detailed pricing page that offers an initial overview of costs associated with Azure Backup. However, the real challenge lies in understanding the nuances influencing the final pricing. Factors such as the amount of stored data, the chosen storage option (e.g., locally redundant storage, geo-redundant storage, etc.) and the frequency of backups significantly impact the overall cost.

Furthermore, the pricing model must account for the data churn rate and retention policies, which vary considerably among workloads and organizational requirements. While the Azure pricing calculator offers a helpful starting point, a deeper dive into these factors is necessary for organizations to accurately estimate their backup costs and optimize their backup strategies.

Customer Testimonial

“Compared with our previous backup solution, our Azure backup solution costs significantly less to run, and we don’t need to provision extra storage to meet future requirements. That ultimately means we’ll be able to expand our business and provide our customers with better service.”


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