ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud

ReliaCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service

Free your IT teams from the complexities of managing a full-blown data center for disaster recovery. Rely instead on flexible, ReliaCloud Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to protect your organization from downtime and data loss.

ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud

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At OneNeck, we work with our clients to carefully assess their data infrastructure and requirements, and develop a right-fit data protection strategy to meet their needs. While we have numerous hyperscale cloud and on-prem backup and DR options, backup and DR in ReliaCloud® (built on Nutanix™) is often a perfect fit. ReliaCloud DRaaS allows you to confidently achieve SLAs with a cloud-based disaster recovery service with instant failover, failback or test recovery plans, all with just a few clicks.

ReliaCloud DRaaS includes:

  • Enterprise-scale DR – Simplified automation, orchestration, and failover/failback, whether planned or unplanned.
  • Async Replication – RTO and RPO configurable down to 1 hour. Protection defined by protection group (with additional ReliaCloud Edge cluster).
  • Reserve Nodes – Additional cluster capacity and just-in-time delivery of resources (<8 hours). Fraction of the cost of production node.
  • Application Centric – Prioritize applications and assign protection policies.
  • Proximity – 5 US data centers provide multiple availability zones.


Full Production DRaaS

This “Like for Like” DR solution offers protection of cluster VMs and vAppliances in identical (or near identical) cluster specifications and capacity, with tier 0 or tier 1 classification for all workloads.

Full production DRaaS offers:

  • Comprehensive cluster DR coverage.
  • Reduced complexity in DR planning by not leveraging a multi-tier strategy.
  • Lower RPOs and RTOs.
  • Less expensive than active-active synchronous design.



DRaaS with Storage Optimization

This DRaaS option offers cluster storage optimization to reduce node counts and associated licensing costs. Leverage PayGo (per GB) ReliaCloud Files and Objects services to offload cold and dense storage to reduce node counts.

Storage optimized DRaaS offers:

  • Comprehensive cluster DR coverage.
  • Lower RPOs and RTOs.
  • Less expensive than active-active synchronous design.
  • Reduced infrastructure and licensing costs.
  • Additional cost savings with auto-tiering of cold files data and objects.



Limited Protection DRaaS

Protect and recover your critical workloads with this limited protection DRaaS that allows you to reduce workload sets and provides better economics with optimized node types and per-VM licensing in lower density use cases.

Limited protection DRaaS offers:

  • DR coverage for just the workloads in need.
  • Reduced complexity in DR planning by not leveraging a multi-tier strategy.
  • Lower RPOs and RTOs.
  • Cost savings with per-VM licensing as compared to full-capacity licensing.
  • Per-VM licensing for private cloud.


Production Protection DRaaS

Enjoy multiple recovery tiers that provide better overall economics with production protection DRaaS on ReliaCloud. Leverage OneNeck’s reserved node models to provide just-in-time resources for your cluster. This results in reduced costs in a powered-down state while being prestaged to quickly join the cluster on-demand, as well as return to the powered-down state when the need no longer exists.

Production protection DRaaS offers:

  • Better solution economics.
  • Comprehensive cluster DR coverage.
  • Variable RPOs and RTOs, based on business requirements.
  • Less expensive than single tier solution.


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