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Hosted Private Cloud

A dedicated hosted private cloud for your mission-critical data and workloads.

What is needed is a solution with the scale, flexibility and transparency to enable IT to provision new services quickly and cost-effectively by using Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to address IT requirements and policies, meet the demands of high utilization and dynamically respond to change, in addition to providing security and high performance. ReliaCloud® is the answer.

ReliaCloud is an enterprise-class, hosted private cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, designed to support the heavy-compute, high-memory and high-storage input/output (IO) workloads of enterprise business applications.

ReliaCloud® FLEX

ReliaCloud FLEX is an enterprise-class IT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform designed to easily expand and meet your most demanding applications.

With ReliaCloud FLEX , you get:

  • A private computing environment on our highly reliable and flexible infrastructure
  • Pricing that scales in a predictable manner in 1 GB increments, based on monthly usage
  • Highly available infrastructure architecture
  • VMware hypervisor licensing included
  • vCenter access
  • Microsoft Windows Server licensing included
  • OneNeck-managed infrastructure and VMware hypervisor
  • 100% availability SLA

ReliaCloud® ELEMENTS

ReliaCloud ELEMENTS is an enterprise-class IT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform suitable for production, DevOps or disaster recovery solutions that require a secure and compliant operational framework.

With ReliaCloud ELEMENTS, you get to:

  • Build your own private computing environment on our highly reliable and flexible infrastructure
  • Leverage multiple blade types for hypervisors or dedicated/bare metal O/S use
  • Leverage available license rentals via VMware and Microsoft, or bring your own
  • Choose your own hypervisor platform
  • OneNeck-managed or self-managed

OneNeck Cloud Connect

OneNeck Connect allows regional or metro-area customers to connect directly to our data centers in Denver, Des Moines and Eden Prairie, utilizing a 1 Gbps broadband connection, enabling secure, robust connectivity to OneNeck’s colocation and hosted private cloud services.

Cost-Effective and Predictable

Based on a monthly flat rate, it's a great deal for high-speed data center access, and an easy way for you to budget for connectivity costs to your data center and cloud solutions. In addition, if bundled with our colocation, managed services or cloud solutions, it's an even better deal.

Hybrid Cloud

As with most things, there is no “one size fits all” approach to the cloud. Every organization and application has unique computing and data storage requirements, and usually a hybrid cloud computing model makes it easier to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of public/hyperscale cloud services and the isolation and security of the private cloud.

We can provide the complete solution for your hybrid cloud journey by helping you optimize your workloads across customized hybrid solutions that span on-premises, ReliaCloud® and Microsoft Azure.

With ReliaCloud, we are able to focus on building technologies that enhance our customers’ interaction with both our e-commerce site and our applications. This allows us to ensure positive, continuing interaction through all stages of the customer journey.

John Higgins

Chief Technology Officer / Musicnotes.com

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