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Cloud Services

Not just any cloud services provider...
the right one.

Here at OneNeck® IT Solutions, we provide a wide range of flexible, secure and efficient cloud services to companies looking to move their workloads to the cloud. When you partner with OneNeck, you gain access to the skills you need to develop a cloud implementation strategy. So, you’re not alone – we’re here to help!

Cloud Backup Solutions

OneNeck’s backup solutions offer high levels of reliability required by organizations today. Customers can successfully perform backups at their physical/local site without owning, managing or incurring the expense of a remote site for backup purpose.

Our backup offerings are powered by best-in-class technologies including:

Let us conduct a Backup and Recovery Assessment to identify the first steps towards creating an efficient, reliable and appropriate backup solution for your business.

Disaster Recovery

Whether in ReliaCloud, Azure or in your own private on-premises data center, OneNeck has multiple options to enable and support your organization’s disaster recovery (DR) strategy.

Our disaster recovery solutions are powered by best-in-class technologies including: 

Let us conduct a Disaster Recovery Assessment to identify the first steps towards creating an efficient, reliable and appropriate disaster recovery solution for your business.

Design and Migration

Need help building out your cloud plan? Our approach is to fully understand your business needs and requirements to help you define the right cloud infrastructure for your workloads.

Design Services—We work closely with you to develop a detailed design, which is essential to reducing risk, delays and the total cost of technology deployments. A design aligned with business goals and technical requirements can improve network performance while supporting high availability, reliability, security and scalability.

Migration Services—Whether you're migrating to a single workload or your entire IT infrastructure, OneNeck can help you get the full benefit of a cloud implementation.

OneNeck conducts a Hybrid Cloud Assessment that covers all the bases to complete a successful migration to the cloud: workload analysis, bandwidth analysis and end-user experience analysis.

Cloud Security

With all the moving pieces in today’s technology landscape, new security concerns continue to emerge. Add onto that the constant threat of attacks, and there is no end to the onslaught. Security is more important than ever, and far more complex.

OneNeck has a comprehensive set of cloud security solutions  to protect your sensitive data and applications. Our cloud security experts will help reduce your risk, enhance your compliance posture and increase your peace of mind in the cloud.

Cloud Cost Optimization

While the benefits of cloud are clear, the on-demand nature of cloud use often results in uncontrolled cloud costs. However, to reduce your cloud costs, you must first identify waste by uncovering inefficient use of cloud resources. By conducting a cloud cost assessment for you, we can help identify exactly how much you are spending and where and how the waste can be eliminated.

OneNeck brought a local team of highly competent cloud resources to the table that demonstrated their ability to address our design, implementation and support concerns. They were able to craft a solution that not only met our needs today, but would allow us to scale as those needs changed in the future.

Jon Higgins

Chief Technology Officer / Musicnotes

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