Embracing the Future: Upgrade from Nutanix Xi Leap to OneNeck's Premier DRaaS

As Nutanix transitions from their Xi Leap service, businesses must find a reliable alternative for disaster recovery needs. OneNeck stands out as a natural choice, recognized for its service excellence by Nutanix, allowing you to make the switch with confidence.

ReliaCloud® Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

OneNeck designs its ReliaCloud DRaaS with your needs in mind. It balances flexibility and reliability, aligning with Nutanix’s standards to minimize disruptions in your operations while safeguarding your data effectively.

Tailored for Nutanix Xi Leap Users

Understanding the nuances of Xi Leap, OneNeck’s DRaaS solution is designed to offer a familiar experience. It’s not just a service switch; it’s also an upgrade with advanced features and functionality. When comparing Nutanix Xi Leap and OneNeck DRaaS, here are some critical aspects to consider:

Integration and Onboarding

Both our solutions focus on simplifying the disaster recovery process, although through different integrations. Nutanix leverages its AOS platform, while OneNeck customizes our solution based on client infrastructure.

Automation and Replication

Each service provides automated disaster recovery processes emphasizing reducing complexity and streamlining operations.

Testing and Security

We offer non-disruptive testing to ensure DR readiness and maintain security, highlighting our commitments to consistent reliability and regulatory compliance.

Customization and Flexibility

While our approaches differ, both our services aim to offer flexible solutions tailored to businesses’ specific needs and requirements. Additionally, OneNeck’s DRaaS includes multiple options like full production DRaaS, storage optimization, limited protection, and production protection.

Committed to Quality

OneNeck’s recognition as a Champion in the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program, combined with over 150 Nutanix certifications, reflects our commitment to quality in Nutanix-based managed services. We’re continually learning and growing to serve our customers’ needs better.

A Strategic Step Forward

Choosing OneNeck is more than just opting for a new service provider; it’s a strategic decision for your business’s future. With comprehensive managed services and the robust ReliaCloud platform, OneNeck is well-positioned to elevate your disaster recovery capabilities.

Take the Next Step after Nutanix Xi Leap

Ready to upgrade your disaster recovery strategy? Explore OneNeck’s DRaaS solutions and contact us for a smooth and efficient transition from Nutanix Xi Leap.

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